Will of Jeremiah Sackett of Northwood, St Lawrence, Kent, 12 March 1838, proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 4 July 1838 (Kent Archives Office, KAO PRC 17-110-240). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

Jeremiah Sackett, yeoman, Northwood, St Lawrence, "being in advanced age and weak in body."

Three adjoining houses & gardens (lately purchased from Darby family) on Sackett's Hill, occupied by my son Benjamin Sackett, John Spory?, and Daniel Bushell:
• Son Benjamin Sackett—house he now occupies, third of garden, use of well. If he dies intestate, reversion to his son Jeremiah Sackett & his dau Hannah Eliza Sackett.
• Son Edward Newing Sackett—adjoining house, previously occupied by ___ Brett & now by John Spory?, third of garden, use of well. If he dies intestate, reversion to his son Edward Jeremiah Sackett & his dau Maria Sackett.
• Sons Benjamin & Edward Newing Sackett—third house, previously occupied by widow Stoodly? & now by Daniel Bushell, third of garden, use of well, as tenants in common.
If any dispute about the division, Mr Boys, solicitor of Margate, to set up the boundary marks to the best of his judgement.

Three houses and gardens at Northwood, late of estate of John Newing, one occupied by myself, another late occupied by Thomas Young & now untenanted, the other late occupied by Mrs Hobbs & now untenanted:
• Grandson Benjamin Sackett, otherwise Benjamin Cox, of Northwood, miller, natural son of Benjamin Sackett—house, garden & barn nearest the Queen's highway, he paying £6 to my niece Ann Robson Darby within 1 month of my death.
• Sons Benjamin & Edward Newing Sackett—other 2 houses and gardens, & right of access, "permitting my aged brother Edward Sackett (who cannot long survive me) & my said housekeeper Ann Robson Darby to reside in the middle house & to have the use of the furniture" rent free. Ann Robson Darby can stay 3 months rent free after death of brother Edward Sackett. They are to pay 1/6d per week to Ann Robson Darby for those 3 months, & 3/0d to brother Edward Sackett for life. Reversion of properties to Benjamin Sackett/Cox.
• Grandson Benjamin Sackett/Cox—all my furniture & effects except bed and bedclothes used by Ann Robson Darby, which she is to have.
• Sons Benjamin & Edward Newing Sackett—residue of money, goods, etc.
• Son Benjamin Sackett, & kinsman Vincent Andrew Sackett of Northdown, yeoman—executors.

Made mark +.
Witnesses: John Boys, Martha Boys, Thomas Packer.