1647. John B. Sackett, 1820–1897, of Westfield, Mass., son of (694) Samuel and Sally Donelson Sacket, was married, Oct. 12, 1844, at Rome, N. Y., to Mary B. Lincoln, daughter of Gilman Lincoln and his wife Sally ___. On Mar. 18, 1897, three months previous to his death, Mr. Sackett was married to his second wife, Mrs. Mary R. French. The following is copied from the Buffalo Evening News of June 19, 1897:
John B. Sackett , ex-Postmaster and ex-County Treasurer, one of the prominent citizens of Buffalo, died suddenly this morning of congestion of the liver.
Mr. Sackett lived at 68 Auburn Avenue. His age was 76 years.
John B. Sackett was born at Verona, Oneida County, in 1827. When a young man he came to Buffalo. Mr. Sackett had been a teacher and a superintendent of schools at Trenton, Oneida County, and continued that avocation as principal of the school at Black Rock, later known as School 18. By the incorporation of Black Rock with Buffalo, Mr. Sackett became a teacher in the schools of Buffalo, and in 1854 was transferred to School 4, where he taught for nine years. He was then elected Superintendent of Schools, and at the expiration of his term two years later, became superintendent of School 4.
Mr. Sackett was elected Alderman from the Second Ward in 1878, and that year was president of the Common Council. In 1879 he was chairman of the committee on schools. He has always been a zealous Democrat and an earnest supporter and friend of Grover Cleveland. He was one of the first who induced Mr. Cleveland to accept the nomination for Mayor of Buffalo. He assisted in the organization of the Buffalo Democratic Club, and was for a time, its president.
For years Mr. Sackett has been very prominent in the affairs of the Masonic fraternity, and the esteem entertained for him by his brethren has on several occasions been manifested by the high honors conferred on him. He has occupied the exalted positions of Deputy Grand Master for this district of the State, Assistant Grand Lecturer, Worshipful Master of the Ancient Landmarks Lodge, and thrice Illustrious Master of the Grand Council of the State of New York. At the time of his death he was a member of Queen City Lodge, Keystone Chapter and Council, Hugh DePayne Commandery. He was president of the Masonic Life Association of Western New York, which office he filled until the time of his death.
On March 6, 1887, President Cleveland, at the request of a large majority of the citizens of Buffalo, appointed Mr. Sackett Postmaster of buffalo, which office he held until July 1, 1890. The press, both Democratic and Republican, indorsed his appointment in the highest terms. In the Democratic convention of 1890 he was nominated for County Treasurer by acclamation, and he was elected.

Mr. Sackett was the author of "Masonic Service for the Burial of the Dead and Lodge of Sorrow," published in 1870.


4140. Ida Sackett, b. July 22, 1845, d. Dec. 7, 1847.
4141. Emma Adelia Sackett, b. Nov. 10, 1849.

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America