Will of John Sackett of St Peter in Thanet, Kent, 26 April 1823, proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 7 April 1827 (Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-107-362). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

[Abstract by Marion Sackett]

John Sackett, yeoman of St Peter in Thanet

Daughter Elizabeth Sackett—house & garden at Northwood, where she now lives, provided she pays his grandson Edward Sackett £30 at age 21. If Edward dies before 21, she pays £30 to the Executors.
Daughter Mary Fox—new house & garden at Northwood, now occupied by Francis Davis, provided she pays £30 to his son John Sackett within 12 months.
Son Vincent Andrews Sackett—residue of real estate.
Son John Sackett—forgiven repayment of loan of £20.
Son Jeremiah Sackett—forgiven repayment of loan of £100.
Daughter Ann Cook—£100 to be paid to her out of the money owed by her husband John Cook.
All above legacies conditional that each of them contribute 20/- per year, in equal half-yearly payments on 10 April & 11 October, towards support of their mother & his wife Catherine Sackett.
Son Vincent Andrews Sackett—residue of personal estate, conditional on payment of debts, etc., & on paying anything extra needed for maintenance of widow Catherine Sackett.
Executors—Vincent Andrews Sackett & Jonathan Baker of Northwood.
Witnesses: Edward Dering of Margate, Wm Brooks clerk to Mr Dering.