Will of Thomas Wheatley Sackett of New Cross, St Paul's, Deptford, Kent, 25 August 1804, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 3 November 1804 (National Archives, PROB 11/1417 quire 793). (Researched by Marion Sackett).

[Abstract by Marion Sackett]

Thomas Wheatley Sackett, draper & tailor, late of Margate, now resident of New Cross, parish of St Paul's, Deptford.

Brother Paul Sackett of Ramsgate, innkeeper
my undivided eighth part of lands & tenements at George Hill, St Peter's, now in occupation of Sir John Bensen, rents for life. Reversion to Paul's child or children as tenants in common & not as joint tenants; equal shares; benefit survivor(s);
in like manner, eighth part of lands & tenements in St Lawrence now in occupation of Jeremiah Sackett;
my share of a house in Church Fields, Ramsgate, & piece of land adjoining, during his natural life. Reversion as above.

Brother-in-law [actually half-brother] Mr Stephen Sackett, law stationer in London
50, + 5 for mourning
5 to Elizabeth, his wife, for mourning.

Residue after debts, etc. of personal estate of money or funds to be put into Navy annuities to children of brother Paul Sackett of Ramsgate at age 21, & Paul to have the use during their minority.

Witnesses: Rolph Coulson Say, Wm Richardson, John Marsh.