Abstract of will of John Sacket of Westfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay.
(Full text is in Weygant, The Sacketts of America).
Date: 10 May 1718.
Proved: 20 May 1719.
Wife Sarah, use of all estate real & personal during her lifetime.
Son John, 5 shillings.
Grandchildren, children of son William, 5 shillings.
Grandchildren, children of son Samuel, 5 shillings.
Grandson William, son of Samuel dec'd, after wife's death, team & tackling, 2 plows, harrow.
Daughters, Hannah Merryman, Mary Maudsley, Abigail King, after wife's death, rest of moveable estate in equal division, except for great brass Kettle which goes to Mary.
Rachel Stiles, a cow & a pair of sheets.
Executor: grandson William.
Son John appointed administrator by probate judge until grandson William reaches 21.