1160. Loren Sacket, 1801–1893, of Hartford, Conn., Westfield, Mass., and Amboy, Ill., son of (514) Noble and Olive Watkins Sacket, was married, first to Frances Ann Smith, 18__–1848, daughter of Lory Smith, 1788–1823, and his wife Fanny Taintor (widow of James Levaughn), 1785–1851. His second wife was Mrs. Harriet Roberts, of Weathersfield; his third wife was Sarah Downey, of Holyoke, Mass., and his fourth wife was Almira Barnes, of Amboy, Ill.
Charles Taintor, of South Wales, came to America in 1638, and settled at Fairfield, Conn., where he engaged in business, in connection with which he made frequent trips to European ports. In October, 1654, the vessel in which he was crossing the ocean, foundered and he was drowned.
Joseph Taintor, 1613–1690, son of above, was born in Wales. He preceded his father to America by several months, coming over on the ship Confidence, which sailed from Southampton, Eng., April 24, 1638. About 1640, he was married to Mary Gray, 1619–1705, daughter of Nicholas Gray and his wife Jane, all of whom had crossed with him on the ship Confidence, from England to America in 1638.
Jonathan Taintor, 1654–1712, son of above Joseph and Mary Gray Taintor, was married, in 1681, to Elisabeth Warren, 16__–1692, daughter of Daniel Warren, of Watertown. In 1702 he was married to his second wife, Mary Randall, of Watertown, who survived him . He participated in King Philip's War, and is credited with being in the Great Swamp fight in 1675.
Deacon Joseph Taintor, 1688-1764, third child of above Jonathan and Elisabeth Warren Taintor, was born at Watertown, Mass., and was married, Apr. 20, 1815 [sic], to Thankful Barrett, of Marlborough. They had ten children.
John Taintor, 1716–1805, of Marlborough and Shrewsbury, in Mass, Woodstock, Conn., Boston, Mass., and Halifax, N. H., son of Deacon Joseph Taintor, was married ad Sudberry, Mass., by Rev. Israel Loring, Jan. 1, 1739, to Hannah Goodell, who lived but a few months thereafter. On May 20, 1741, he was married to his second wife, Sarah Ward, daughter of Obediah Ward.
Joseph Taintor, 1745–179_, of Shrewsbury, Mass., and Norwich, Conn., son of above mentioned John and Sarah Ward Taintor, was married to Dorcas Post, of Norwich. He was an active participant in the war of the Revolution, serving in company commanded by Capt. Phineas Stern.
Fanny Taintor, 1783–1848, daughter of Joseph and Dorcas Post Taintor, was married first to James Levaughn, and lived in Genesee, N. Y., and had sons James and William. Her second husband was Lory Smith, of Hartford, Conn., and their daughter, Frances Ann Smith was the first wife of Loren Sacket.

Children of Loren and Frances Ann Smith Sacket.

2878. Frances Adelaide Sackett, of Hartford, Conn.
2879. Sarah Jane Sackett, m. Charles Daniels.
2880. Joseph Taintor Sackett, b. Nov. 30, 1839; m. Elisabeth L. Crocker.
2881. Charles Loren Sackett, died in childhood.
2882. William H. Sackett, b. in 1841, d. in 1864; m. Annie Williams.

Child of Loren and Sarah Downey Sacket.

2883. William Loren Sackett, m. Ida I. Brown.

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America