6015. Harriet Sweetser Sackett, 1858, daughter of (3244) George Henry and Sarah Sweetser Sheldon Sackett, was married, on Sept. 14, 1904, to Stanley Moore Dewey, of Rutherford, N. J., only son of Theodore Dewey and his wife Katherine Moore, formerly of Great Barrington, Mass. Stanley Moore Dewey is a partner in the long established firm of Bowne & Co., printers and stationers, of Beaver St., New York City. Harriet Sweetser Sackett, for seventeen years previous to her marriage, was Director of the Department of Domestic Science and Art at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. Upon her marriage the Trustees of Pratt, in recognition of her faithful and intelligent services, presented her with a $500.00 bill, enclosed within suitably inscribed gold and pearl mounted purse. In 1907 Mr. and Mrs. Dewey resided at Rutherford, N. J.