3303. Miss Clara E. Sackett, 1859–, artist, of Buffalo, N. Y., daughter of (1301) Charles D. Sackett and Mary A. Dickson, was educated in her profession at New York City and Paris, and has acquired prominence as a portrait painter in this country. A recent issue of the Art Bulletin, published in New York City, contains following notices:
     "Among the paintings by Buffalo artists at the Albright Art Gallery, the work of Clara E. Sackett is especially varied in theme and treatment, her two portraits in oil being typically contrasted. That of Miss McCraig is a full-toned robust study in green, while the tiny full-length of Mrs. Allen Jones is delicate in tint and almost a miniature in treatment. The head of 'A Cavalier' and the 'Road to Picardie' give other phases of Miss Sackett's paintings, while deserving of special mention is the 'Portrait Sketch,' in pastel, which shows a comprehension of the possibilities of that medium for rendering illusive charm and a feeling for the subtleties of feminine beauty rarely met with."
     "Indeed the box of miniatures deserves more notice than space will allow. Miss Sackett shows eight exquisitely dainty specimens, varying in subject from a dimpled baby face to that of 'A Lady of Quality,' which renders the serene beauty of age with tenderness and truth."

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America