951. Hon. Charles King, 1789–1867, son of Hon. Rufus and (400) Mary Alsop King, was born in New York City and died in Frascati, Italy. He was married, Mar. 16, 1789 [sic], to Eliza Gracie, daughter of Archibald Gracie and his wife Esther Rogers, who died in 18__, and in 18__ he was married to Miss ___ Low, daughter of Nicholas Low. Mr. King was educated at Harrow School in England, and in Paris, France. Leaving Paris he entered the banking house of Hope & Co., in Amsterdam, Holland. Returning to America in 1806 he became connected with the famous banking house of his uncle, Archibald Gracie, to whose daughter he was subsequently married. His attractive personality, family connections, accomplishments, and the intelligent interest he manifested in educational, literary, military, financial and political affairs, speedily gave him marked prominence. In all important public movement or prominent social gatherings of his time in New York City, the records of which have been preserved, his name appears. In 1813 he was a member of the State Legislature. For many years he was director of the Bank of New York. Before, during, and after the War of 1812, he labored to increase the efficiency of the militia organizations of New York County, serving on the staffs of brigade and division commanders, and holding commissions in every rank from Lieutenant to full Colonel.
From 1827 to 1845 he was first associate and later principal, editor of a commercial paper called the New York American, and for several years after 1845, one of the editors of the Courier, and Inquirer. From 1806 to 1824 he was a trustee of Columbia College, of which in 1849, he became President. During the following 14 years his time and energies were successfully employed in raising the effectiveness and standard of what is now New York City's great University.
Just previous to 1863, President King's health showed signs of breaking, and Mrs. King having about that time come into possession of a legacy of one million dollars, from her deceased brother, Nicholas Low, Jr., Mr. King resigned the presidency of Columbia and spent the remaining years of his life in Europe.


2395. Eliza King, m. Charles H. Halsey.
2396. Hetty King, m. James G. Martin.
2397. Rufus King. b. Jan. 26, 1814, d. Oct. 13, 1876; m. 1st, Ellen Elliot.
2398. William G. King, b. Oct. 14, 1816, d. June 8, 1882; m. Adeline McKee.

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America