Inventory of the estate of Thomas Sackett of Ash, Kent.
Date: 30 Oct 1673.
Registered: Consistory Court of Canterbury.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 27-25-88.
A true and perfect Inventory of all & singular the goods Ch'ells and Credits of Thomas Sackett late of Ash in the County of Kent deceased taken and apprised as followeth viz.
In primis, two Cowes and two buds, 񌽚s0d
Item, two mares, 7𢠢
Item, one sow and eight pigs, 2𢠢
Item, one acre of flax, 5𢠢
Item, 15 quarters of malt, 11𢠢
Item, two tables and one presse, 3𢠢
Item, 4 chayres and 3 stooles, 0100
Item, 2 bedds, 2 bedstedles & two shefts, 4𢠢
Item, 6 paire of sheetes, one dozen of napkins and foure towels, 4𢠢
Item, two potts, 2 Kettles, one furnine, 3𢠢
Item, 20 sackes, 4 halfe barrels, 3 tubbs, 1100
Item, Pewter and brass, 4𢠢
Item, one hand Mill, 2𢠢
Item, old lumber & things unseen, 0100
Sume totall 5410s0d
Jeffery Sacket Jnr
xxxo Octobr 1673 [then some Latin not transcribed]