Abstract of will of Richard Sackett of Minster in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 31 May 1604.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 12 December 1604.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-54-305.
Testator: Richard Sackett, yeoman of Minster in Thanet.
Sister Alice Wilbore, tenement & lands at Totthill, Minster, occupied by John Bright & George Wilbore.
Jeremy & Edward Wilbore, sons of Alice, reversion of above.
Denise Peele, wife of John, tenement & lands at Minster in own occupation, & lands in occupation of Richard Terrie of Chislett & Edward Allen of Minster.
William & John Peele, sons of Denise, reversion of above.
Mary Jancock, wife of John, lands at Brooke, Minster.
George & William Tomlyn, sons of John, [legacy omitted from register].
Agnes Wilbore, 20.
Barbara Wilbore, dau of Jeremy, 10.
Joane Solly, wife of Thomas, 40/-.
Denise Derrick, wife of Robert of Birchington, 40/-.
Daniel Pamphlet, residue.
Executor: Daniel Pamphlet.