Will of William Sackett of Jordan Dane, St John in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 20 Dec 1572.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 14 Feb 1572/73.
William Sackett, yeoman of Jordan Dane, St John in Thanet.
Wife Johan, 40 in money & best household items to value of 10; room and board in tenement at Jordan Dane to be provided by eldest son Robert, together with 10 bushels each of wheat and malt yearly, a cow, and a supply of firewood; 40s a year for 3 years for sustenance of her and her children, and half of livestock for 3 years.
Eldest son Robert, carthorses until son Edward is 20 when he is to have 2 horses; my corselet; tenement & lands at Jordan Dane, residue of other land.
Son Edward at 20, various items incl. a great brewing kettle, a sword, and a dagger; tenement at Wyndwall, St Peter's, including 20 acres arable land & pasture lately purchased of Alexander Norwood, a close in St John bought of John Lincoln, 14 acres arable at Bacon Dane in St John located between the Vicarage land and land of John Sackett the elder.
Daughter Helen at 18, 10.
Daughter Joyce at 18, 10.
Son John at 20, 10 plus reversion of 10 of Helen and/or Joyce's money; tenement & 7 acres at Church Hill, St Peter's, lately purchased of Stephen Tarrye; 8 acres at Mill Dane lately bought from Alexander Norwood; 3 acres at Bennett Hill bought of John Hewett.
Daughter Alyce Norwood, waiver on 3 of the 8 owed by son-in-law Symon Norwood, Symon paying 20s to his son William Norwood and retaining 2.
Robert Norwood, son of Symon, 1 ewe.
Joan Norwood, daughter of Symon, 1 ewe.
My servant Joane Englyshebye, 2 ewes.
Poor of parish of St John, 10s.
Executors: Son Robert Sackett, brother-in-law Thomas Lydderer of St Lawrence.
Overseers: Joane my wife, Edward Lytherer.
Witnesses: Edward Lytherer, John Bevell, William Lesley, Minister.
In the name of god amen - the 20th day December 1 thousand 5 hundred 3 score and twelve [=1572]
I Wyllyam Sackett of Jordane Dane within the parish of St John the Baptist I the yle of Thanet, in the County of Kent, yeoman Being of whole mynde and good & perfett remembrance laude & prayse therefore be unto almighty God do make this my presente testament concernynge herein my Last wyll in manner and forme following First and before All things I comende and bequeathe my soule unto the mercye And grace of all mightye god the Father the Sonne and the Holy Ghoste my maker my redeemer and Sanctyfyer And My bodye to be buryed in the churche yarde of St John the Baptist aforesaid at the discrettyon of my executors Item I gyve and bequethe to Joane my wyef 40 of Lawfull englishe money To be payd to her of my Executors within 2 years next ensuynge after my decease And also the value of 10 (of like money) of the best moveables in or about my house at the same pryce that they shall be prysed at ymedyatlye after my decease which sayd fyftye pounds in money and moveables I gyve to her in consyderatyon and full recompence of such dowryage and eight by marryage as she ?istlye maye or ought to clayme challenge or demande out of all and singular my tenements and lands sett lyenge and beinge within the parryshe of St John the Baptist St Peter and St Lawrance within the said IWilliam Sackettle after my decease Durynge her lyef tyme Excepte and all ways provided that the sayd Joane my wyef shall have durynge her naturall lyef tyme, a chamber for her to dwell in, In my tenement at Jordane Dane aforesaid with fee egresse And regresse therbut with out any troble, And yearlye she to have there towardes her sustentatyon and lyvynge so longe as she shall lyve and soe longe as she wyll dwell there and no longer To be hadd of my eldest sonne Robert his heyers executors or assignes 10 bushells of good wheate And 10 busshells of malte at suche tyme as she shall have neade therof The yearlye keapinge of 1 Cowe Somer and wynter there to her behouse a fether bedd 1 of the best a bedstedle and all the furnyture belongynge to such a bedd and also sufficient fyre wood for her to burne durynge her dwellynge within my sayde tenement of Jordane Dane and no longer as is aforesayde. Also I gyve and bequethe to the sayde Joane my wyef durynge the first 3 yeares nexte Ensuynge after the daye of my decease out of this present Lyef yearlye towards her and her childrens sustentation 40s a yeare of lawfull englishe money To Be payd unto her by my Executors And also thoue Equall of all my poultrye, geise, hennes, duckes & hogge and kyne durynge the sayd terme of said 3 years & then to desyste Item I gyve & bequethe To Robert Sackett my eldest sonne my carte horses harneses, plowgh, and all the furnyture belongynge there unto, untyll said time as Edward Sackett my sonne shall accomplish his full age of 20 years oulde And then and at that tyme of his age he to have 2 of the sayd horsyes, or they two as good horsyes as they were. Item I will that my sayd Sonne Robert shall to the profyte comodytye and to the use of the said Edward my Sonne at thaccomplishinge of his sayd ful age of 20y at thouelyie coste and chargyes of the sayd Robart my Sonne in due and convenient Season to plowe or cause to be plowed sowe or cause to be sowen with good sivete and cleane seede and also to harrowe or cause to be harrowed 3 acres of lande with wheate well Seeded 3 acres of lande with barlye well seeded And 3 acres of lande with podware well seeded Item I gyve to the sayd Edward 1 greate brewing Keatle, 1 chest, 1 almor velvet, 1 sworde and 1 Dagger. Item I gyve to the sayd Robert my sonne my Corslett Item I gyve and bequethe to Helene Sackett my daughter 10 of lawfull English money to be payd to her by my Executors at her full age of 18 yeares. Item I bequeath to Joyce Sackett my daughter 10 of lyke money to be payd likewise unto her by my executors at her full age of 18 yeares, and one of them to be the others heyer, And if it chall chance that bothe the sayd Helen and Joyce my daughters departe out of this worlde Before their age or agyes of 18 yeares, Then In that case I will that John Sackett my Sonne shall Have at his age of 20 yeares 10 of the Same money and thother 10 I bequeath & will to Alyce Norwood my daughter Item whereas Symon Nowood my sonne in lawe doth owe unto me eighte Poundes of lawfull english money I will it that the sayd Symon Norwopod or his assignes do repaye unto my executors at mychaelmas next after my decease 5 pounds of sayd Sume of 8 poundes. Then I Bequethe to the sayd Symon Norwood 3 poundes Of tha money werof I will that the Same Symon Shall paye to Wyllyam Norwood his sonne 20s And thother 40s the sayd Symon Norwood to gave to his owne use in full and complete Payment of the sayd 8 poundes. Item I gyve and bequethe to Joane Englyshebye my servant 2 ewes to be delivered to her at mychaelmas next after my decease, Item I gyve and bequethe to Robert Norwood Sonne of the sayd Symon 1 ewe And to Joane Norwood daughter of the same Symon 1 ewe to be Delivered to the same Symon their father for the behouse Of the sayd Robert and Joane Norwood his sonne and Daughter at mychaelmas next after my decease Item I Gyve and bequethe to be bestowed and delte amongst the Poore of the sayd paryshe of St John the Baptist by my Executors to be payd to the churchwardens there then Beinge for the tyme at their discretyons within 1 hole Yeare after my decease 10s Item my myde And will is after that there my legacyes gyfte and Bequests before bequeathed and given be fully p'[er]formed And payd And also my sonne Robert Sackett his stocke Beinge made worthe 30 pounds Then the over plus I will and bequethe to Joane[?sic] Sackett my sonne to his [was Joane my wife meant ro John my son or Robert my sonne perhaps?] use and behouse And of this my p' an unknown person sent testament I make & ordayne the sayd Robert Sackett my Sonne and Thomas Lydderer of St Laurance within the said IWilliam Sackettle of Thanett my brother in lawe my executors, And I bequeath to either of them a iij s iiij d And of the executyon of the same, I make ordayne the sayd Robert Sackett my sonne Joane my wyef and Edward Lytherer ov'[er]seers and to eche of them I bequeath iijs iiijd And I utterly revoke and adnull all and everye other former testament will legacyes bequesthes executors & overseers by me in any wyse before this tyme made named, wylled & bequeathed these wyttnesses: Edward Lytherer, John Bevell & Wyllyam Lesley, mynister: In the name of God amen This is the last will of me the sayd Wyllyam Sackett made in the daye and yeare above written & Towchinge and concerning all my landes & tenements Sett lyenge and beinge in the parysshes of St John the Baptist St Peter & St Lawrance within the sayd Ile of Thanett in manner & forme following First I gyve to Edward Sackett my sonne my tenement at Wyndwall sett lyinge and beinge in the parish of St Peters a foresaid and twentye acres of arable lande and pasture more or les belongynge thereunto which of late I purchased of Alexander Norwoode and one close inclosed which of late I purchased of Alexander Norwood and bought of John Lyncollne of the paryshe of St John the Baptist lyinge Within the sayd paryshe And also fortene acres of arable Lande & pasture more or les lyinge at Bacon Dane which In the sayd paryshe of St John the Baptist. To the Vicarage lande of the sayd St John East. To the Lande of John Sackett the elder West, To the highe Waye Northe And to the lande of John ?M?? Sowthe [=South] To have & to holde the sayd tenement & lande to hym His heyeirs & assignes for ever and he to enter thereunto At his full age of twentye years and not afore/ Item I will and gyve to John Sackett my sonne my Tenement sett lyinge and beinge at church hyll in the sayd parishe of St Peters and Seaven acres & a halfe acre of lande more or lesse belongynge thereunto which of late I purchased of Stephen Tarrye [=Terry?] and eighte acres more lyinge at mylldane [=Mill Dane] in the said parishe of St Peters which of late I purchased and boughte of the sayd Alexander Norwood and iij or acres and iij ?ealdes Of lande lynge at Bennette hill which of late I had in exchange of John Hewett. To have and to houlde the sayd tenement and lande to hym his herers and assignes for ever To enter thereunto at his full age of twentye and two years and not above. Item I will that my executors after three hole years next following and ymedyatlye ensuynge after the daye of my decease and beinge fully expyred and ended shall let further from tyme to tyme the sayd last named tenement and twentye acres of Lande more or les And from them fourthe receyve the yearlye Rente therof for the behouse profytte and to ??medytye of the sayd John Sackett my sonne and my sayd executors at the ende of the full age of the same John to become accomptable to hym or to his heyires for the sayd yearlye Reuse And the same then to render to hym as his owne proper Stock and goodes. And I gyve to Robert Sackett my eldest Sonne my tenement of Jordane Dane and all other my landes belongynge therunto and all other my landes As where before not wylled and gyven To have & to holde the sayd tenement & landes to hym his heyers and assignes for ever. And my mynde and wyll is that I everye of any Sonnes shall be one an others heyer, yf yt shall please god to call them or anye of them. Executors overseers and witnesses as before wytnessinge these presente ... ///
Probatum fuit pub' supra scriptum testa'[men]tum Unam ultima voluntate euisdem coram inro Roberto Bisshopp legn doctore Reberend Dm Archim Cant Offinali decimo quarto die mensis Februarij [=14th Feb], Anno Dm (?Scem ealie anglicane computacon) millimo Quinges'[i]mo Septuagesimo Secundo [=1572]. Juramentis Edward Lytheree Johis Bevell et William Lesley testin sup' noiatores Ac approbatu Etc ?ombqz- executoris euisdem ?Comissnum? et executoribus in huoc testamento noiatis primitus in forma Juris Juratis Etc Dat Etc