Will of John Sakett of St John in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 4 Jul 1529.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, Sep 1529.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-18-246.
Wife Johan, all personal estate + wheat & barley; tenement & lands for 8 years.
Two unnamed daughters, profit of house & lands for 6 years after their mother's 8 years, to be paid to daughters at age 18.
Son William, seam of wheat & seam of barley when he inherits lands. To have house & lands for 4 years after the above 14 years; after 4 years to have specified lands of 4 acres, 6 acres, 1½ acres, 2 acres, & 1 acre.
Son John, residue of lands & tenement at age 24.
Sister Alice & her children, reversion (with St John's Church) if all other beneficiaries deceased
Executors: feoffees Symon Davy?, Robert Lyderer, Richard Sakett
Witnesses: William Norwood, Richard Sakett, Roger Perken?, Symon Davy?, William Wanstall?, Thomas Culn-?.
In deo noie Amen The iiijth day of Julye in the yer of oure lord god M VCxxix I John Sakett of the paryshe of Saynt Johns yn the Ile of Thanet being yn full memerye make my will yn forme and man folowing / First I bequeth my soule to allmyghty god and to our blyssed lady Saynte Marye & to all the holy companye of heven And my body to be buried yn the church yard of Saynt Johns Itm i give to the high aulte for my tithes and oblations forgoten xijd Itm- I give to the churche worke of Saynt Johns ij Itm- I will [h…] at my forthe fare iij masses And at my … v masses And v at my xij monethe … Itm- I give to evry light that I am a brother of iiijd Itm- I give to Johane my wif all my movable goods payen it my dettes and my bequests savyng v semes of whete & v semes of barley the … shall remayne to the place Of the whiche whete & barley my son Willm shal have a seme of whete and a seme of barley when he cometh to his parte of his [lands?] it, I give to … xls to be payd within thre yere aft my dcasse And if … dye within the thre yere it shall remayne to my wif Itm I make myne executors my wif Johane Sakett & Willm- Norwod And I give to Willm- Norwod for his labor xxd"
"This is the last will of me John Sakett of & uppon all my land and tenement the day & yere above written First I give Johan my wife all my lands and tement for the space of viij yere & she to kepe lawfull repacion and she shall not waste nor spoyle my … but as she … … And aft that viij yere I will that the profit of my hous & landes shall remayne to my two daughters for the space of vj yeres and I will that Willm Norwud
do receive it for theym and then to have it divided even betwene thaym at the age of xviij yeres And if any of thaym dye wtin age and without issue then I will them be the others heir and if they dye bothe within age & without issue of their bodies lawfully begoten then I will that my wife have bothe their partes And aft that vj yere I will that my son William shall have my hous and all my landes for the space of iiij yeres And aft that iiij yere I will my son William shal have to his parte iiij acres of land lyeng at Robsons boshe and vj acres at [Col…] Dane / one acr & an half betwene the landes of Thomas [Coln] And ij acres lyeng by the [heges] waye next to Thomas Arlettes hege and an acre lyeng at the lane ende And all the residue of my landes & tenent I give to my son John Sakett at the age of cciiij yeres And if any of thaym dye w-tin age and w-tout Issue of their bodies lawfully begeted then I will that them be the others heir And if they both dye without Issue I will that it shall remayne to my daughters & to their heirs And if they dye all without issue of theis bodies lawfully begeted then I will that my hous and landes be sold and I geve half thereof I give to a … … and my [frendes] yn the church of Saynt Johns And the other half I will it be divided yn two partes And the parte I give to the churche of Saynt Johnes And the other parte I give to my sister Alice And to her children And I make my feoffes Symon [Davy] Robert [lyderer] and Richard Sakett the executors Witness Willm Norwod Richard Sakett Roger [Perken] Symon [Davy] Willm [Wanstall] & [Thomas Culn-] with other …"
"Probatu fuit sup …
Septembris Anno Dm millimo …
Roger … et Willm Wanstall & …
Appiobat- & …