Will of: Thomas Sakett of Minster in Thanet, Kent.
Date: 14 January 1473/74.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, date not known.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-2-240.
Wife Alice, tenement and all lands until heirs are 20.
Eldest son Thomas at 20, said tenement at Nich with 15 acres of land & 2 seams of wheat, 2½ seams of barley, & 1 seam of pods (lands are 2½ acres at North Hill, 5½ acres at Ende, 3 acres & 1 yard at ?, 3 yards at ?, 1½ acres at Cowpis, 1½ acres at Lydyn Hill, 1 acre at Old Mill).
William, rest of land at Nich except 2 acres at Lydyn Hill to be sold if need be.
John, land inherited from my father.
Specifies reallocation if one of sons predeceases without heirs.
If all sons predecease, reversion to my brothers, John & Helbe, paying 20s to Minster Church, 20s to St Peter's Church, 6s 8d to St Nicholas at Wade Church, & 20s to poor people.
Executors: wife Alice & Hugonem Sakett.

[First section of will in Latin]
"In dei nomine Amen xiiij die mensis January Anno domini millesimo CCCClxxiij Ego Thomas Sakett de pochia de Mynster in Insula de Thaneto compos mentes et sane memoria conda testm mea in hunc modu In primo lego anim mea deo omopotens et be marie corpusse meo sepelcredm Cimitio be Mare Vyrine de Mynster predict Itm lego Sumo Altare [be?] p decimo meo negligente oblite viij d It [lumi] sancte [T…] iiij d It [lumi] sancti Jacobi iiij d Itm … filiolore meore …. filiolore … … … … fidim … … … meore … legato debite et legate meo fidelito psolutes do et lego Alicia ux mea Et constituo Alicia uxor mea et Hugonem Sakett meos veros executories Itm ordino et constituo p'dicte Hugonium et Thoma [T..va?] meos feaffatores et p'dicto Thoma- [mea] [supinsetam]."

[Translation of Latin section]
"In the name of God amen the 14th day of the month of January in the year of our Lord 1473 I Thomas Sakett of the parish of Minster in the Isle of Thanet being of sound mind and perfect memory write my testament in this manner First I leave my soul to God Almighty and Blessed Mary my body to be buried in the churchyard blessed Virgin Mary of Minster aforesaid Item I leave to the high Altar [blessed?] for my tythes negligently forgotten 8d Item [for the light of] Saint [T…] 4d Item [for the light of] Saint James 4d Item … [my …] … […] … … … … […] … … … my bequests and debts faithfully have been paid I give and leave to Alice my wife and appoint Alice my wife & Hugo Sakett my true executors Item I ordain and appoint the aforesaid Hugo and Thomas [T..va?] my feoffees and aforesaid Thomas [my …]"

[English section]
"This is the last will of me Thomas Sakett of the pysshe of mynster in the Ile of Thanitt made the xiiij day of January the yere of our lord god MCCCClxxiij [14 January 1473 old style] fyrst I wyll yt Alyce my wyff shall have my tenement and alle my landys unto the tyme myne heyre come to 20[th] yere of Age kepyng sufficient Repacons And then I will yt Thomas my ealdyst sone shall have the said tenement atte Nich wt 15 acrys of lande & 2 seamys[ ] of whete 2 seamys of barly And half And 1 seams of [Pods…] whereof 2 acrys & halff lyeth atte North hylle 5 acrys & halff atte Ende [p'off] 3 acrys & 1 yards thereby 3 yardys by the place An Acre & halff atte Cowpis 1 Acre & halff atte lydyn hylle & 1 Ac atte Olde Mille [atte vawe] Also I wille yt Willm shall have the Remnant of my landys atte Nich except 2 Acrs atte lydyn hyll ye whche 2 Acr-s I will they be solde yf nede be It I will yt John shall have my lande I had of my fader And yf hit hapyn the said Thomas pdecease wtout heyres of hys body lawfully begetyn then I will yt John abovesaid shall have the said tenement and 8 acr-s of lands att Nichs and Willm the [op' 8] Acres And yf hit hapyn any of them remayne deceasse wtoute haying of their bodys lawfully begoton then I will hys bredryn dyvyde the sayd land equally between them And so any of theyrin to be of heyres of tenement & landys And yf hit hapyn the deceasse all they wtoute heyres Then I will the seyd Tenement and all the landys shall remayne to my brodyrs John and [Helbe] and to theyr heyres yeldying and paying to the Churche of Mynster 20s And to the Churche of Saynte Petrys 20s And to the churche of Synt Nycholas atte Wade 6s 8d And 20s to pour people."