The Sydney Herald, 28 May 1832, p. 4.
"Principal Superintendent of Convict's Office,
Sydney, 21st May, 1832.
THE undermentioned Prisoners having absconded from the Individuals and Employments set against their Names respectively, and some of them being at large with stolen Certificates and Tickets of Leave, all Constables and others are hereby required and commanded to use their utmost exertions in apprehending and lodging them in safe custody.
Any person harbouring or employing any of the said Absentees, will be prosecuted as the Law directs:

Sackett Thomas, No. 28 1172, Phoenix, 36, butcher, Essex, 5 feet 9, blue eyes, brown hair, ruddy fair comp. (complexion) scar on right side chin, and fore part right leg, from Sir John Jamison."