William Sacket

FatherJohn Sackett (1632-1719)
MotherAbigail Hannum (1640-1690)
William Sacket, son of John Sackett and Abigail Hannum, was born in Northampton, MassachusettsG, on 20 April 1662.1,2 William died at the age of 37 when he drowned in the Connecticut River near Deerfield, MassachusettsG, on 28 March 1700 when returning from a wedding.1,3,4,5 He married first on 26 December 1687, Sarah Crain.6,7 He married second in Westfield, Hampden County, MassachusettsG, on 27 November 1689, Hannah Graves, daughter of Isaac Graves and Hannah Church.1,4,5,8,9,10
     William's name appeared (with those of his father John, and brother John) in an undated list of townsmen of Westfield who had taken the oath of allegiance to the King.11
     On 5 July 1679, the 17 year-old William with his father John appeared in the Springfield court charging James Sexton with beating and wounding William "at the Pound dore when some of the hogs were in the Pound he gave him 3 blows with his fist and tooke him by the Throat and hindered the putting the rest of the hogs into the Pound." Judge Pynchon found for William and fined Sexton 20 shillings for the wounding and 20 shillings for "Rescuing the swine" together with costs of 17 shillings and six pence.12

Children of William Sacket and Hannah Graves

Sackett Family Association descendants
Thurmon King, Darlene Sackett, Alyce Beggs, Marie Reid, Donn Patrick Cutler, Sharon Allen, Cindy Torres Owens, Carroll M Lawson, Ruth Rawlings, Pam Schuster Offerdahl, Steven Barbee, Bob Schuster, Charles L Sackett, Karen Gerke, Diane Francis, Ted Smith, S Howard Dreelan, Debra Leffler Streeter, Kari Roehl, Charles Crain, Catrina Kohl, Barbara Barbarow, Karen Pritchett, Kathleen Giusti, Rachel Stella, Theresa Cotton, Jane Kirkendall, Jean Carpenter, Louella Sexsmith, Terry Sackett, Martha Thayer Evans, John Howard Sackett, Ned Randall, Jan Roberts, Becky Moncrief, Irene Haas, Carol Sackett, Christina Sackett, Donna Spink, Michael E Gray, Daniel Scott Sackett, Rita E Sackett, Joe Sparks, Elizabeth Hoening, Michelle Marolis, Mike Fisher, Dennis Gottier, Ron Ruberstell, Alvin Oglesby, Wanda Phillips, Michael Leroy Trickey, Lisa Owens, Anne Murray, Amanda Ihde, Kent A Mauk, Debbie Hill, Janet French, Jeff Bellairs, Gary Rood, Anna Tabor, Kaitlynn Santeford, Rebecca Hall, Melissa Hall, Joe Hart, Kathy Stinson, Larry Youmans, Amy Crooks, Kerri Kafut, Terry Lee Williams, Marti Prespentt, Donna Grote, Cinda Simmons, Paul Sackett, Ann Parmenter, Craig Behrens, Katie Menon, Mildred Smith, Lyle Brelsford, Brandy Harris-Hodnett, Gay Wernett, Walter Pogue, Byra G Sackett, Aleta Pogue, Bridget Schuelke, Susan Teagarden, Ken Buscho, Jill Ruggiero, Debra Curry, Teggy Peterson, Cynthia "Cindy" Gerleman, Steve O'Brien, Connie J Koran, Bob Buie, Henryk Dubicki, Ronald Ty "Ron" Sackett, Fred Ewins, Midgie Bardo, Shannon Watts Michael, Carolyn Sturdy, Jessica D’Errico, Carrie Sackett Riddick, Nina J Rhys, Gidgett Guillotte, Denise LaPare, Jeff Goodfox, Lois Landvoigt, Carol Davis Mckinney, Bec Koshak, Steven Solberg, Carolyn Kramer, Susan MacEwen, Kristin Burt Cooper, Myra Roper, Patricia Stahnke, Kimberly Oberholtzer, Stacy Crabbs, Kelly Schlabach, Rebecca Oswalt, Jim Carr, Cynthia D McGee, Patrick Kelly, Jessie Kelly, Jennifer & Carol Zadrozny, Phyllis Johnson, Teresa M Miller, Mary Graff, Maggie Wisnasky, Teresa Smith and Polly Thomas.
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