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Chris Harman
Ramsgate, Kent, EnglandG.
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Sackett ancestry
William Sackett (say 1460–c 1511), of St John in Thanet, and Alice ___
John Sackett (probably before 1477–1529), of St John in Thanet, and Johan ___
William Sackett (c1520–1572), of Jordan Down, St John in Thanet, and Johan ___
Robert Sackett (c1550–1622), of St John in Thanet, and Faith Norwood
William Sackett (1577–1640) and Joan Parker
Paul Sackett (1615–after 1663) and Ann Awdley
Robert Sackett (1636–1678) and Mary Neame
Jane Sackett (1666–) and John Waller
Jacob Waller (1688–1732) and Susanna Reed
John Waller (1712–1773) and Bennet Dunkin
Jacob Waller (1736–) and Martha Brook
Susanna Waller (1764–) and William Smith
Ann Tames Smith (1792–) and Richard Smith
Ann Smith (1821–) and John Harman
Thomas Edward Harman (1854–) and Amelia Farrier
George Harman (1894–) and Alice Amelia Willis (see Sackett ancestry 2, below)
Sackett ancestry 2
Chris Harman has the distinction of being a double Sackett descendant following the marriage in his line of eleventh cousins once removed George Harman and Alice Amelia Willis.
William Sackett (c1520–1572) and Johan ___
Edward Sackett of St Lawrence (c1555–1629) and Alice ___
Ellen Sackett (1585–after 1660) and Valentine Austen
Susan Austen (1610–after 1670) and Richard Belsey
Richard Belsey (1642–) and Mary Marsh
Richard Belsey (1682–) and Elizabeth Roper
Ann Belsey (1716–) and Richard Marsh
Elizabeth Marsh (1740–) and Charles Willis
John Willis (1778–) and Susanna Knight
Thomas James Willis (1803–) and Ann Butler
Stephen Willis (1838–) and Elizabeth Smith
William Edwin Willis (1870–) and Alice Jane Harman
Alice Amelia Willis (1899–) and George Harman
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