William Sackett

(c 1520-1572)
William Sackett, yeoman of Jordan Down, St John in Thanet, Kent, was born in about 1520.1 He died in Margate, KentG, and was buried at St John's Church, MargateG, on 31 December 1572.2 His parents have not been identified. He married in about 1545, Johan ___, who survived him.
     William made his will in Jordan Down, St John in ThanetG, on 20 December 1572, naming as beneficiaries his wife Johan, his sons Robert, Edward and John, his daughters Johan, Joyce and Alyce, his grandson Robert Norwood, and his granddaughter Joan Norwood.3
     It would appear that William was a reasonably prosperous farmer, having sufficient lands to leave farms to each of his three sons. After providing for his wife during her lifetime, he left his tenement and lands at Jordan Down to his eldest son Robert. He left a tenement and 20 acres of arable lands and pasture in St Peter in Thanet and 14 acres of arable land in St John in Thanet to his son Edward when he reached 21. The third son John was to receive, at age 22, a tenement and 16½ acres at Church Hill, St Peter's, 8 acres at Mill Down, and further land at Bennetts Hill. The will was proved in the Archdeaconry Court, Canterbury, KentG, on 4 February 1572/73.3

Children of William Sackett and Johan ___

Sackett Family Association descendants
John Carmichael, Joan Leary, Danielle Pray and Chris Harman.
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 Notes & Citations

  1. The birth dates of William Sackett's sons Robert and Edward are based on the assumption that they would have been about 25 at the date of their respective first marriages. It is also noted that Robert, but not Edward, was of full age at the time of his father's death. Alyce's birth has been placed before Robert's on the grounds that she was married with two children in 1572. But, if married at 18, the order may be reversed. In either case, it may be inferred that William was born c1520.
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