William Sackett

FatherRobert Sackett (c 1550-1622)
MotherFaith Norwood (c 1550-1591)
William Sackett, husbandman, maltster of Ash-next-Sandwich, son of Robert Sackett and Faith Norwood, was born in St John, Margate, KentG, in 1577. He was baptized at St John in ThanetG, on 1 January 1577/78.1 He died aged about 63 and was buried at Ash-next-Sandwich, KentG, on 12 March 1639/40.2 He married, probably at St Margaret's Church, Canterbury, KentG in 1599, Joan Parker, having obtained a licence at Canterbury on 21 September 1599.3 William described himself as a husbandman on the marriage licence. He subsequently became a maltster, having his own malthouses at Ash. Joan predeceased him and was buried at St Nicholas Church, Ash-next-SandwichG, on 18 March 1636/37.4
     William was named as a beneficiary in his father's will made in St John in ThanetG, in October 1622.5 He received £5 from the will as did his brothers Robert and Edward and sister Bennet, while Paul, the youngest brother, received the residue of money, goods and chattels, and was appointed executor of their father's estate.
     William was a witness in an action in the Court of Chancery, London, in 1638–39, involving the disputed ownership of some of his father's lands in Ickham and Wingham, Kent. [See Transcript of Proceedings]
     William made his will on 27 June 1639 Ash-next-SandwichG. Named as beneficiaries were his sons William, John, Paul, Jeffery, Robert and Thomas; his daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Joan; and his granddaughters Joan Philpott and Mary Philpott.6 In addition to his house and malthouses, William left significant monetary sums to his sons—excepting Jeffery who he would appear to have effectively cut out, leaving him just one shilling. He also expressly excluded Jeffery from benefiting from an annuity which was the subject of a legal action. It is interesting to conjecture why he might have done this. Perhaps he had already provided for Jeffery, who had married the previous year. Perhaps he thought Jeffery incompetent to handle his own finances, although it is later seen that Jeffery followed in his father's footsteps, pursuing the trade of maltster in Sandwich. It would seem more likely, however, given the derisory bequest, that William and Jeffery had seriously fallen out and this was the father's death-bed insult to his son. William's will was proved in the Canterbury Consistory Court on 31 March 1640.
     It is also noted that when William's son Robert made his will 19 years later in 1658, he referred to an amount of £3 owing to him by his brother Jeffery, perhaps confirming that Jeffery had indeed suffered financially after being disinherited.

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