Mary Lou Petrie

Sackett Family Association membership
Mary Lou Petrie
Covina, CaliforniaG.
Member # 22 (founding)
Joined 28 September 2003
Mailing list subscriber: unsubscribed 31 Dec 2013 "mailbox unavailable"
Boston 2006.
Sackett ancestry
Capt Richard Sackett (c1678–1746) and Margery L (___) (Crego) (Wislake) Slade
John Sackett MD (c1702–aft.1760) and ___ ___
Mary Sackett (1743–1824) and Alexander McKay
Seth McKay 1774-1826 and Larissa Lamb
Porter McKay 1812-1892 and Mary (Polly) Newton
Joshua Newton McKay 1834-1914 and Lydia Louisa Crandell
Lovancha Geraldine McKay 1867-1932 and Charles Henry Petrie
Louis Clinton Petrie 1888-1966 and Anna Margaret Heieck
Generation.TreeTree 7
Last Edited9 April 2018