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Gordon Adams was born and raised in Virginia and because of his career in the United States Air Force has lived in most of the states in the USA as well as “one year in Labrador and seven years in Europe.” Gordon says he “started [researching] on my family about 1935, and have hundreds of ancestral surnames, primarily English, Dutch, French, and Belgian.” Chris Sackett shares that Gordon is “unusual amongst American Sacketts in that he does not descend from either Simon the colonist or John of New Haven, but comes from a later arrival—his great-great-grandfather Henry Sackett who emigrated from Thanet, Kent, to New York City in about 1836.” The reason he began researching his family history is because “my family had many, many snapshots. I felt a need to understand if and how I was related to all of these people; primarily an identification problem at first; is this guy husband of my first cousin standing with him? Which of my seven uncles was her father?”
TSFA Newsletter, January 2006.
Sackett ancestry
Thomas Sackett the elder of St Peter in Thanet (say 1530–1595), labourer of St Peter in Thanet, Kent, and Joane ___
George Sackett (c1565–1612) and Katherine Tompson
John Sackett (1594–after 1642), of Buddles, and Mary ___
Thomas Sackett (1642–1680), husbandman of Birchington, and Anne Brown
Thomas Sackett (1676–1760), husbandman of Birchington, and Elizabeth Nuby
Henry Sackett (1711–1790), yeoman of Birchington, and Elizabeth Clifford
John Sackett (1743–1827), yeoman of Northwood, St Peter in Thanet, and Catherine Andrews
Jeremiah Sackett (1775–1847) and Sarah Hodgeman (see Sackett ancestry 2, below)
Henry Sackett (1806–1851) and Elizabeth Mary Elgar
Thomas Elgar Sackett (1827–1887) and Elizabeth Ann Hawkins
Edward Elgar Sackett (1861–1945) and Maria Banta
Beatrice Sackett 1890-1985 and Berkley Dickenson Adams
Sackett ancestry 2
Gordon Sackett Adams has the distinction of being a double Sackett descendant following the marriage in his line of Jeremiah Sackett and Sarah Hodgeman, both Sackett descendants.
Elizabeth Sackett (say 1710–) and John Hodgeman
Thomas Hodgeman (1743–) and Mary Cock
Sarah Hodgeman (1779–1850) and Jeremiah Sackett
Sackett line10th great-grandson of Thomas Sackett the elder of St Peter in Thanet
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