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  • 6/5/1816. Yesterday morning MRS ELIZABETH SACKETT wife of Samuel of Brooklyn.
  • 11/4/1818. Tuesday, MISS MARY SACKETT, 50.
  • 3/8/1822. Yesterday SAMUEL SACKETT, 57
  • 2/13/1823. Yesterday L.I. RICH, SACKETT, aged 56.
  • 4/26/1827. Albany, Augustus Sackett, 59.
  • 1/14/1828. Brooklyn MRS GERTRUDE O SACKETT w. of Clarence D. and dau of Adam Tredwell.
  • 4/17/1829. This morning Esther wife of Fredk Cameron of the ship Cambria. Invited to funeral her brother James Sackett. Res. 248 Elizabeth St.
    [Probably Esther Palmer Sackett]
  • 9/26/1833. Onondaga N Y Edwin K Sackett oldest son of Samuel of Brooklyn.
  • 8/28/1836. Bedford, N.Y., Sun. Sept. 11, Jane Ann, w. Charles Hicks of this City and dau. of late Nathaniel Sackett of former place.
    [Mismatch in dates: possible transcription error. NEHGS notified.]
  • 10/31/1836. This morning, Nathaniel Sackett, M.D. in 24th yr.
  • 9/7/1840. Sat. Sept.5, res of Joseph S Mott, Great Neck, L.I. Zayde E. w. William Sackett of Seneca Falls, NY and dau of late Nicholas Thorne of Skeneateles, 28y.
  • 3/30/1840. Sat. Mar. 28, Elizabeth Sackett inf dau of Dr. J B Kissam, 7 mos
  • 5/1/1840. Greenwich, Conn. Wed. April 22, Capt. Joseph Sackett in 83y.
  • 1/29/1841. Newtown, L.I. Jan.29, Gertrude w. Wm Sackett in 52y.
  • 4/20/1841. Apr.17, Brother A M Sackett's res. Lyman Sackett 24y. Remains Greenwich Conn.
  • 3/30/1842. March 30, in 24th yr. res.of brother in law A. M. Sackett, Caroline E. w.of William K. Belcher and dau. of States M. Mead. Remains, Greenwich, Conn.
  • 4/15/1845. Troy, Tues. Daniel Sackett in 58y Elder of Christ Church.
  • 4/13/1846. Apr 11 Woodbridge N J 47y Col James A Sackett son in law of late William Post.
  • 9/30/1848. Thurs. Sept 28, Lydia Mead dau of Amos M & Sarah E Sackett 17m 14d
  • 2/6/1849. Sun Feb 4, William Sackett of Newtown L I 65y
  • 3/14/1850. Mar 14 Newtown L I Magdalena dau of Wm Sackett 25y 2m
  • 3/23/1851. Mon. Mar. 24, Sarah Isaacs eldest dau of Dr. William H. Sackett, decd. of Bedford, N.Y. Interment Bedford. [Mismatch in dates: possible transcription error. NEHGS notified.]
  • 9/13/1851. Sept 12, Frederick Williams s.of I Ralph and Mary E Sackett 1y 11m
  • 12/13/1851. Joseph Sackett in 54y no date
  • 7/12/1852. Sunday, July 11, Eliza Vark dau of Nathan B and Gertrude W Sackett 8d 4m
  • 11/20/1852. Bloomingdale Nov 18 Rebecca Sackett 60y wid late Dr William H of Bedford NY
  • 5/11/1855. E.Bklyn, Wed. May 9, James Sackett 70y father J L & J H of this City.
  • 8/29/1855. Tues. 28th Louisa twin dau of Josephine Findlay and Wm Edgar Sackett 8m 8 dys.
  • 5/1/1857. Friday, May 1, Mary A w Nathaniel G Bradford Jr and dau William H and Amanda Harper Sackett of NY
  • 1/6/1857. Fri Jan 8, Washington I s Josephine and William Edgar Sackett 8 2 2
    [Mismatch in dates: possible transcription error. NEHGS notified.]
  • 3/7/1858. City Mar 8, Clarence D Sackett 60y; Bklyn 9th his brother Grenville A 54y [Mismatch in dates: possible transcription error. NEHGS notified.]
  • 4/25/1860. Bklyn, Tues. Apr 24, Clarence Sackett Birch 83y
  • 6/9/1862. Newtown, L.I. Sunday 8th Hannah 80y wid Capt Daniel Sackett Moore
  • 2/16/1863. Bklyn Sun 15th Josephine dau late Joseph Sackett
  • 2/17/1863. Sun 15th Josephine dau late Joseph Sackett
  • 8/9/1864 Mon Aug 8 Charlie P Sackett s Elisha Wells and Harriet M Sackett 2 9 3
  • 9/16/1865 Sept 15, Poughkeepsie Caroline B Davis dau late John H Davis and w. L B Sackett 33y
  • 3/27/1870. Tues Feb 15, Amanda Harper w Wm H Sackett 61y of City
  • 12/29/1871. Thurs. Dec.28, James Henry Sackett 71y. son John
  • 2/10/1873. Sunday Sheldon Sackett s George H & Sarah S
  • 3/4/1874. Mon. 2d Grenville A s Adam T & Sarah E Sackett of City.
  • 3/3/1875. City Feb 27, Res of Rev Dr A H Clapp, Miss Maria Sackett 80y formerly of Boston and Waltham.
  • 11/13/1877. Nov 12, Sarah Sands w Adrian C Brooks and dau of late Joseph Sackett and gr d George Downing decd of Ravenswood LI
  • 5/5/1878. Stamford Ct May 5 James H Sackett 59y bro J L
  • 12/9/1878 Dec 9, City, Adam Tredwell Sackett 51y
  • 3/23/1880. Bklyn 22nd Elizabeth Kissam w Thomas W Titus and dau late Samuel Sackett 74y son in law A F Hand
  • 3/24/1880. 22nd Bklyn Elizabeth Kissam w Thomas W Titus and dau late Samuel Sackett 74y
  • 9/1/1880. 26th Cleveland O Israel Sackett 72y Woodlawn Cem
  • 1/29/1881. Fri. 28th Phebe R Downing. nephew E W Sackett of City
  • 3/6/1882. Morristown NJ 7th Fannie Harper dau Wm H & Fannie C Sackett 18y
    [Mismatch in dates: possible transcription error. NEHGS notified.]
  • 1/30/1885. Thurs. 29th W H Sackett 79y
  • 1/12/1886. Mon.11th Mary Moore dau Sarah E and late Adam Tredwell Sackett 23y of City
  • 1/3/1889. Jan 3 Emma A Ebermayer dau late Mrs A A Sackett 50y
  • 6/6/1890. June 5, Seabright N J Elizabeth Ann Riker w Richard Riker and dau D Sackett Moore. Woodlawn Cemetery

Death Notices from the New York Evening Post, 1801–1890 (Online database:, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2002), (Unpublished typescript transcriptions of original notices by Gertrude A. Barber, R. Stanton Avery Collection, NEHGS, Boston, MA. "Death Notices copied from the New York Evening Post, vols. 1-54," 1933–1947). (Researched by Chris Sackett).