Dear Son
Mr Perkins the bearer hereof comes to you with these lines desiring you if it be in your Power to send us immediately two wagons to help us away with some small matters before the Enemy be upon us. Yesterday I was at the Plains it was a bloody day, the Enemy beat us from two eminences and gained our ground. We hear the Canons Roar this morning the manner in which we fight them it appears to me they will beat us are 100 miles in length. Soon we left killed and wounded a considerable number. Some in the field of battle told us that there was but three or four Regiments sustained the whole fire while Thousands and Tens of Thousands stood as idle spectators. Time forbids particulars, and I beg you to send us what help you can to get away. If you could come down yourself I should be glad. I am alone only my old negro man neither of the Boys are at home. This morning I have sent for James at Prescut. I have no other or place to repair to but your House. Do let me know what creatures I may bring. The chief of my meat kind are cows, my hoggs tollerable? porck. Your Mamma thinks two waggons will not do. If more can be obtained, I am persuaded the urgency of the case will be a sufficient argument with you to all possible expedition. If possible be down this night. In haste from
Yr affte Parent
Saml Sackett
Hanover Oct the 29th 1776