Will of Mercy Sackett of Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut.
Date: 16 Oct 1804.
Testatrix: Mercy Sackett of town of Warren, county of Litchfield.
Samuel, Aaron, & Cyrus, being at a great distance, half estate if they return and claim within 5 years.
Son Alexander, Aner Williams, Lucinda Fuller, Violet Bates, $1.68 each. Aner, Lucinda, & Violet to share equally other half if Samuel, Aaron, & Cyrus make no claim.

Town of Sharon Litchfield County Connecticut 16 October 1804
In the name of God Amen I Mercy Sackett of the town of Warren and County of Litchfield although labouring at present under some imperfection of body yet being of sound mind and memory and understanding through the mercy of God do mak and ordane this my last Will and Testament in manner & forms following First and primarily I resign my soul with the utmost humility unto the hand of Almighty God my creator humbly hoping for a blessed immortality through the unity and of my blessed Savoir and Redeemer Jesus Christ And my body I desir may be decently buried at the distinction of my friends and as for such estat as the Lord in his great goodness and mercy hath intrusted me to be rewarded of I give demise and dispose thereof as follows that is to say
Samuel and Aroon Sackett and Sirus Sackett being at a great distance of and if these or those of them return hear and call for it within five years onset coming to their date I will and bequeve unto them ekell a like th'r half of my estat that I leve enkeeping what is here after to my son Alexander Sackett one dollar and sixty eight cents and to Anar Williams one dollar and sixty eight cents and to Lucinda Fuller one dollar and sixty eight cents and Voilet Beats one dollar and sixty eight cents and I do here by revok all other wills by me maid and declair this only to be my last Will and Testament in witness the said Mercy Sackett and my will is if either of my sons above mentioned don't come and call for their share of my estat as in will as above it is to devided ekell alike betwist Anar and Lucinda and to Voileat hereunto I have put my hand and seal in presente
Mercy Sackett
Dated at Sharon this 16th day of October 1804