Abstract of will of Robert Sackett of Herne, Kent.
Date: 14 November 1658.
Proved: Consistory Court of Canterbury, 11 October 1662.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 32-53-196.
Testator: Robert Sackett, yeoman, Herne, Kent.
Brothers, Paul, Jeffery, Thomas, William, 20/- each.
Wife’s grandchild, Sarah Woodward, £10 at 18.
John, son of brother John Sackett, £3 to be paid by my brother Jeffery Sackett which he owes me.
John Sackett, 40/-.
Mary, dau of brother John Sackett, £5 at 21.
Thomas, son of brother Paul Sackett,     £3.
Wife Marie, residue.
Executrix: wife Marie.
Witnesses: John Pluzied?, John Henria, Thomas Braine.