Abstract of will of Ann Sackett of Margate, Kent.
Date: 2 April 1840.
Proved: Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 12 January 1842.
Source: National Archives, PROB 11-1957-53.
Testatrix: Ann Sackett, widow, of Margate, Kent.
Grandson John Sackett Swinford, 10 placed in tin box in my drawer as token of my estimation of his affection & attention towards me.
Grandson Daniel Swinford, my gold watch, seal & chain & my silver nutmeg box.
Granddaughter Ann Swinford, large table cloth, pearl ornaments & monies, securities for money, effects, goods, chattles & personal estate.
Daughter Mary Sackett, the same, for own absolute use. She to pay all outstanding debts, funeral costs, testamentary charges & expenses.
Sole executrix: Daughter Mary Sackett.
Witnesses: John Ma(nse?), W Brook.