Abstract of will of Richard Sackett of St John's, Margate, Kent.
Date: 29 September 1854.
Proved: Canterbury, 9 November 1863.
Source: Somerset House Indexes).
Richard Sackett, pilot, Dover, died 16 Oct 1863 at 118 Snargate St, Dover, Kent.
Personal estate under 200.
Debts, funeral & testamentary expenses to be paid from money from fund allowed by Trinity House for deceased pilots.
Leasehold house 118 Snargate St, Dover, purchased jointly with son-in-law Edward Cock "but the writings are made out in his name alone".
Daughters, Elizabeth Jane Joad & Sarah Ann Sackett, all real & personal property (including half of house), anything to the estate from the fund for the benefit of pilots, in trust to pay debts, then life use & benefit. If either marry or die, then all to remaining daughter. If both marry or die, all property to be sold & money to be divided equally between all sons & daughters as tenants in common, with money due to dead child to pass to her issue.
Executrixes: daughters Elizabeth Jane Joad, widow, & Sarah Ann Sackett, spinster, both of 118 Snargate St.
Witnesses: William Henry Payn, solicitor, Dover, John Walls, his clerk.