Abstract of will of Paul Sackett of Ramsgate, Kent.
Date: 1 May 1804.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 21 May 1806.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-103-756.
Testator: Paul Sackett, vintner of Ramsgate, Kent.
Executors, wife Hannah Sackett and good friend John Westbeach, Surveyor of the Excise, of Ramsgate, are to sell house he lives in, & Assembly Rooms & the Old Yard on opposite side of the road in Ramsgate, his part share of a house at Churchfield, Margate, three houses in Cold Harbour, & his eighth share of land & buildings at George Hill & Northwood in parishes of St Peter & St Lawrence. After paying any mortgages or debts, the whole of the estate is to be invested in Government or similar securities. The interest is to be paid to his wife, Hannah, for life so long as she remains his widow, for bringing up and educating his children.
If widow dies or remarries, the interest to be equally divided between his children, Samuel, John, Paul, & Sarah, until the youngest of them is 21. Then they equally share the principal.
However, if she wishes, his widow can continue his business until the youngest child is 21, & if she dies or remarries, the other Trustee can have the business continued for the children until the youngest is 21.
Hannah Sackett & John Westbeach, trustees, joint executors, & guardians of any children under 21.
Witnesses: Thos Edmunds, Nathl Austen of Margate, John Harman clerk to Mr Austen.
Brother Thomas Wheatley Sackett has died.
Paul & his children are heirs to Thomas Wheatley Sackett's eighth share in two farms at George Hill, St Peter's (now occupied by John Benson) & at Northwood, St Lawrence (now occupied by Jeremiah Sackett), & eighth share of house & land at Churchfield, Margate (now occupied by ___ Day). This real estate to be added to, & treated as part of, original will.
Daniel Collins, livery stable keeper of Broadstairs, appointed as additional co-trustee.
Witnesses: Stephen Bax, John Bloxham, John Boys.