Abstract of will of John Sackett of St John's, Thanet, Kent.
Date: 21 July 1831.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 12 June 1834.
Source: National Archives, PROB 11-1833-369.
Testator: John Sackett, gent, of Margate, St John the Baptist, Thanet, Kent.
Wife Ann, for life, the free use & enjoyment of all my household goods, furniture, plate, linen, china & implements of household & also the rents, issues & profits of all my messuages lands tenements & real estate, & the dividends, interest, income & proceeds of all my monies etc. subject to the payment thereout of all my just debts & funeral & testamentary expenses; freehold messuage or tenement & dwelling house with appurtenances situate in Hawley Sq. Margate & household contents.
Daughter Mary Sackett, for own absolute use & benefit, 1700 invested in the names of Edward Boyes the elder & S__ Osborne the elder in trust for Mary until the death of wife Ann. This will be equivalent to property given to son-in-law John Swinford upon marriage to daughter Ann.
John Swinford, for life, freehold storehouse & premises in the Dane in Margate (mow in John Swinford's occupation), with reversion to his sons John Sackett Swinford & Daniel Swinford.
All remaining land & buildings to daughter Mary & Edward Dering, Gent of Margate, to be sold & money to go to a trust for Mary & wife Ann.
Within 6 mths of wife's death, 100 to be invested in government funds in trust for John Sackett Swinford to inherit at 21.
Ditto 150 for my grandsons Daniel Swinford, Stephen Swinford, Henry Swinford, sons of John Swinford, each to inherit their third part at 21.
Residue divided between daughter Mary, & 4 grandsons & granddaughter Ann Swinford, children of my late dau Ann Swinford (equal shares).
Edward Dering, 20 guineas.
Executors: wife Ann, dau Mary, & Edward Dering.
Witnesses: Wm Brooks, Geo Anderson, Saml Pointon.
Codicil, dated 8 Oct 1831
Godson John Sackett Hooper, son of late Herbert Hooper of Sandwich, my half part in number [gap] Stiga? St., Ramsgate & land behind purchased of Jacob Sawkins Esq.
Witnesses: Edw. Dering, Thos Pole?, Geo Anderson.