Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Fort Worth, Texas, 24 Jul 1889, p. 6, col. 1.

Divorce Suit
The divorce suit instituted by Mrs. Lena Sackett against Moses Sackett in the district court has attracted much attention. It appears that more than three years ago Moses Sackett deserted his wife, Lena Sackett, and returned to Chicago; that since that time Mrs. Sackett, by peddling, accumulated sufficient money to open a small store in East Dallas. The venture prospered and she was doing a large business until July 5, the defendant, Moses Sackett, having returned to Dallas, brought suit by sequestration for all the property belonging to Mrs. Sackett, including the household goods, and closed her store. She at once instituted suit for divorce and prayed for temporary injunction against the defendant from interfering with the plaintiff, her property or children, and for an order providing for the plaintiff's maintenance during the pending of the suits. The court consumed several days of counsel, and today granted an injunction against the defendant, Moses Sackett, as prayed for by his wife, and permitted her to open the store and conduct the business for the support of herself and children.
The case involved many anomalous questions of law, and, as remarked by the court, involved many features which have not heretofore been discussed in Texas.
The parties to the above litigation are Hebrews, which is a fact within itself but of the usual order of things.

[Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Michael Trickey]