Drives Chisel into his Heart

Sensational Suicide by a Carpenter at Colfax.

Bloomington, Nov. 30.—George W. Sackett, a well to do carpenter of Collfax, committed suicide this morning in a most sensational manner. Taking from his tool chest a long sharp carpenter's chisel, he bared his breast and palced the chisel over his heart. Then with a heavy carpenter's mallet he struck the chisel several blows and forced it through his heart. Death did not ensue instantly, for he was still able to wrench the instrument of death from his breast and drop it to the floor. Then staggering to the other side of the room he fell prostate, breast down, upon a pile of shavings and expired. Here he was found ten minutes later by J.H. Hamilton, a companion carpenter. His body was still warm. Coroner Ruggles was notified immediately.

—Transcribed from unidentified newspaper in possession of Erin Dennis

Los Angeles Times, California), 29 Nov 1905, page 2

Chiseled his heart

Bloomington, Ill., Nov 29—Exclusive dispatch. George Sackett, a carpenter, committed suicide at Colfax today by driving a chisel into his heart, using a carpenter's mallet to force the instrument home.

—Transcribed by Ted Smith from