Abstract of will of Rev John Sackett of Grest Mongeham, Kent.
Dated: n/a.
Proved: Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury, 14 September 1664.
Source: Kent Archives Office, PRC 17-72-97.
Testator: John Sackett, clerk of Great Mongeham, Kent.
Son Nathaniel, 100.
Son George, 100.
Son Samuel, tenements, malthouse & lands in Great Mongeham.
Daughter Margaret, 200 & 20 to buy necessaries for her marriage.
Daughter Elizabeth, 200 at 21 or marriage & 20 for her marriage.
Daughter Patience, 200 at 21 or marriage & 20 for her marriage.
Grandchildren, 20/- each at 21.
Son & daughter Dicus, 20/- each as a memorial of my love unto them.
Beloved wife, over & above her fortune of 40 p.a., 10 & all my plate, furniture of best chamber, etc.
Poor of Gt. Mongeham, 40/-.
Poor of Eastbridge Hospital, Canterbury, 40/- & 10/- to the schoolmaster there.
Son John, Prebendary of Lincoln, all lands, tenements in Thanet parishes of St. Peter & St. John, conditionally on paying all legacies & debts. If he refuses, reversion to Nathaniel, on condition he pays John 200, & discharges all legacies & debts.
Executors: two elder sons John & Nathaniel.
Witnesses: Richard Iddenden, John Cox.
Codicil added 20 August 1664:
Brother William Sackett, 40/- a year for life.
Brother George Frisby, 40/- a year for life.