Extracts from
Archaeologia Cantiana

1327 SUBSIDY ROLL (Lay Subsidy, Kent: pro 123/10 memb. 13a)
Hundred of Ringslow:
William SAKET & John SACKETT “assessed for considerable sums”

1444 WILL
John SAKETT, “St Thomas Day” [21 Dec] 1444, left £5 to buy 3 ornamental altarcloths for the side altars in St Peter’s.

MILITIA RECORDS (Domestic State Papers, PRO)

Oct 1614 – Muster Roll for St Peter’s (DSP.; James I, vol. lxxviii, No. 72) John SACKETT sen. bound to furnish 2 corslets

Apr 1619 – Muster Roll for St John’s, St Peter’s, Birchington (DSP.; James I, vol. cviii, No. 10) Corsletts included John SACKETT Musquets included William SACKETT sen., William SACKETT jun.

Jan 1627/28 – Jul 1628 (DSP.; Charles I, vol. cxiii, No. 59 II) Residents of St Peter’s who had soldiers of Sgt. Major Dawson’s Companie billeted on them 22 Jan – 29 Jul – included William SACKETT

Archaeologia Cantiana, volume 12, Kent Archaeological Society, Kent. (Researched by Marion Sackett).