Charles Holland Duell

M, #2832, (1850-)
Duell, Charles Holland (1850- )
FatherRodolphus Holland Duell (1824-1891)
MotherMary L. Cuyler (1822-1884)
Weygant #3638sp
Birth13 Apr 1850Cortland, Cortland, New York.
Marriage29 Nov 1879Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York,
Harriet M. Sackett, daughter of William Augustus Sacket and Charlotte Butterrick.1
NotesNotes for Charles Holland Duell:

Charles Holland Duell, born April 13, 1850 in Cortland New York, was a patent lawyer and served as a representative to the 13th district of the state of New York in the State Assembly in 1878 and 1880. In 1898 he was appointed by President McKinley to be the United States Commissioner of Patents. From 1905-1907 he served as Associate Justice of the United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia.
1850 Census; Cortlandville, Cortland County, New York;
Film number: 17069; Image number: 00466; 8 August 1850
Charles Duell, 3/12, M, ---, N. Y.
1900 Census; Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York
S.D. No. 12; E.D. No. 100; Sheet No. 18A (255A)
GSU film number: 1241136;
Oak Street; 18 June 1900
Duell, Charles H., Head, W, M, Apr. 1850, 50, M, 21, ---, New York, New York, New York, Lawyer
Duell, Harriet S., Wife, W, F, Sept. 1854, 45, M, 21, 4-4 living, New York, New York, New York, ---
Duell, Holland S., Son, W, M, Jan. 1881, 19, S, ---, New York, New York, New York, at School
Duell, W. Sackett, Son, W, M, Mar. 1882, 18, S, ---, New York, New York, New York, at School
Duell, Mary L., Daughter, W, F, Feb. 1885, 15, S, ---, New York, New York, New York, at School
Duell, Charles H. Jr., Son, W, M, Feb. 1889, 11, S, ---, New York, New York, New York, at School.

Children of Charles Holland Duell and Harriet M. Sackett


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