Richmond, Alexandria, D.C.

Newspaper Abstracts

  • Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, D.C.), Monday Evening, December 22, 1902, p. 1, col. 2.
    "Horse Outruns Train and Jumps Pilot.
    Henry Sackett, president of the Lynchburg Horse Show Association while following fox hounds along the Southern Railway near that city, early yesterday morning, on his prize hunter, Torchlight, was overtaken by a heavy train, with steam shut off, running noiselessly down a steep grade. When the train came out of the cut, fifty feet away, Mr. Sackett, without hesitation, threw himself from his horse down a steep bank and tried to pull the horse with him. Torchlight broke away and ran beside the track ahead of the train for nearly a mile. When the train was nearly on him, Torchlight made a record leap across the track and over the pilot of the locomotive into a body of woods."
  • Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, D.C.), March 4, 1908, p. 3, col. 1.
    "Charged With Bigamy.
    Henry Cook, manager of several Richmond hotels at different times, was confronted in the police court of that city yesterday morning by two women, each with a certificate of her marriage to him. He was arrested charged with living in violation of the law with Lucile G. Early, who supposed she was Mrs. Cook and produced one certificate. She was released to appear as a witness. The "first" Mrs Cook had a certificate showing she was Miss Mae L. Conn, of Richmond, a native of Pennsylvania, and that she was married August 16, 1905, to Henry Cook, of Ashland, a native of Alexandria, by Rev. Paul L. Meusel. The ceremony was witnessed by P. M. Fry and W. Sackett Duell. Mrs. Cook "second" had a certificate issued by Rev. L. E. Thompson, of Elizabeth City, N.C., who stated that he married Miss Lucile G. Early, of that city, to Henry Cook October 31. This was witnessed by Mrs. L. E. Thompson, J. H. Dowdy and Charles McDonald. The case was continued till Thursday, so that witnesses from North Carolina may be heard.
    Cook, if he has any explanation to make, declined to state it, acting under the advice of Attorney Gilbert K. Pollock. He was remanded under the felony charge without bail."
  • Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, D.C.), September 21, 1900, p. 2.
    "From Washington. [Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette.] Washington, September 21.
    E Davis Durand, of the Leland Stanford University, California, has been appointed Secretary of the Industrial Commission vice William E. Sackett, resigned."
    [Transcriber's note: In this context, "vice" is a preposition meaning "as a substitute for." This is probably William Edward Sackett, #6958, (1848-1926).]
  • Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, D.C.), Saturday Evening, January 28, 1905, p. 2, col. 3.
    "From Washington. [Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette.] Washington, D.C., Jan. 28.
    The State Department has received a cablegram from United States Consul General Gudger, at Panama, saying that Paymaster Sackett and others on the cruiser Boston, affected by yellow fever, are better, and that there are no more cases aboard."
  • Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, D.C.), Thursday Evening, February 2, 1905, p. 2, col. 2.
    "From Washington. [Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette.] Washington, D.C., Feb. 2.
    The Navy department this afternoon received a dispatch from Commissioner Niles, of the cruiser Boston, saying that the vessel has been pronounced free from yellow fever and that all danger of new cases is passed. All four of the yellow fever cases are convalescing. Paymaster Sackett has been sent to the hospital. The Boston will not proceed north until after her annual target practice has been completed."
  • Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, D.C.), Thursday Evening, November 8, 1906, p. 3, col. 3.
    "Virginia News. At 8:30 o'clock last night in St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Lynchburg, Miss Mina Norvell Otey, daughter of Mrs. W. H. Otey, was married to H. M. Sackett, of the Lynchburg bar."
  • Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, D.C.), Thursday Evening, June 28, 1907, p. 2, col. 2.
    "From Washington. [Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette.] Washington, D.C., June 28.
    The briefs of the independent watch concerns against the so-called watch trust were presented today to M. D. Purdy, assistant to the Attorney General, by Attorney General Wade Ellis of Ohio and A. L. Sackett, representing the Deuher-Hampden Company of Canton, Ohio. The briefs of the opposition have already been submitted."

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