Putnam County, Ohio

Newspaper Abstracts

  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, April 18 1845
    "List of Letters: … SACKETT, Jonathan; …"
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, November 11 1845, repeated November 18 1845
    "List of Delinquent Lands in Putnam County for Tax Year 1845 ... Blanchard tp - ... SACKETT, William; ... Ottawa tp - ... SACKETT, William; ..."
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, December 23 1845
    "Our New Judges—The General Assembly have just concluded an election for sundry Associate Judges and Militia Generals … among others, two association judges for our counties in place of Judges McCRACKEN and COX. The vote stood Jonathan Y. SACKETT—59; George SKINNER—59; Isaac McCRACKE—31; Samuel RAMSAY—31. The above is part of a private letter from Columbus. The Ohio Statesman has the name of Samuel ROCKHILL in place of Samuel RAMSAY as voted for by the Democrats. Both Gentlemen are good citizens and would have done credit to the bench … . So Jonathan Y. SACKETT after having again and again tried to get in office from the people is at last foisted upon the bench… (claims COX resigned two years early to ensure SACKETT was elected)."
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, December 30 1845
    "Democratic Convention—29 Dec 1845 Vail's Hotel, Kalida. … Delegates to State Convention: … Ottawa tp: … S. SACKETT, …"
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, June 11 1846, repeated June 18 1846
    "Putnam Volunteers:—The Northwest is moving at the call of the country. Capt. Francis S. GODFREY. Among those enrolled: Lieut. Israel HUBER, our late Senator J. W. WATTERS; Judge J. Y. SACKETT, …"
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, July 23 1846
    "Article re Whits at Section Ten. Things about the stand J. W. SACKETT, Esq. was president of the day... (derogatory in nature)."
    [Abstract does not make much sense. Perhaps refers to "Whigs" rather than "Whits". Previous article was about Whig Convention.]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, October 29 1846
    "Administration Notice—Jonathan Y. SACKETT and Margaret RIDENOUR, aptd adm'rs of estate of Henry RIDENOUR, late of Putnam co, dec'd. Oct 26, 1846."
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, August 7 1849
    "Trial of Arthur BUSICK—Charged on indictment as Accessory to George BUSICK in the murder of Samuel HAMILTON. List of Jurors etc: Hon. Judge WAY, President judge; Hons. J. Y. SACKETT, George SKINNER, J. W. WATTERS, associate judges; Prosecution JAMES MACKENZIE, assisted by John M. PALMER; Defence -Benjamin METCALF, assisted by J. M. COFFINBERRY, Alonzo MONROE. Panel of 36 jurors: …"
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, February 1 1850
    "Notice—Petition for alteration in county road south side of Blanchard Sec 27, mentions Williamstown and Ottowa State Road. Wm. SACKETT. HARMAN's saw mill; Chas. GEISSINGER, Thomas HARMAN, Charles GEISSINGER. Jan 8, 1850."
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, February 15 1850
    "Putnam County Officers: President Judge George B. WAY; Assoc. Judges Johnathan Y. SACKETT, George SKINNER, John W. WATTERS: Clerk, Moses LEE; Prosecuting Attorney, James MACKENZIE; Auditor William M. BELL, Treasurer Otho W. CRAWFIS; Sheriff Robert DOUGLASS; Recorder Jabez S. SPENCER; County Commissioners Henry Joseph BOEHMER, Samuel PERKEY, William KILPATRICK; Surveyor Henry BLOSSER."

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