Brooklyn, Kings County, New York

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  • Brooklyn Eagle, 1889 January 10, p. 6
    On the Day that Her Sister Was Married.
    She Was Sure She Would Get Well and Looked Forward Joyfully to the Wedding—The End Came Unexpectedly.
    All yesterday morning Bessie Hedges Sackett lay on a couch in her room. Her oldest sister, Susie Dorsch Sackett, was to be married last evening, and for some days wedding gifts had been pouring into the house. Each as it arrived was taken to Bessie's room. On Tuesday Bessie asked to be shown the dress that she expected to wear at her sister's wedding. She was told that it was not finished. She seemed satisfied, though, that it would be ready to be worn last evening when the wedding took place. No thought entered her mind that anything would intervene to prevent her presence at the ceremony. Death came at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon and the marriage ceremony took place seven hours later. Bessie was 10 years of age and was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Sackett, of 525 Madison street. She had been in poor health for a long time, but it was not thought by her family or the attending physician that she would die so soon. Bessie herself, at no time, had any idea that her illness was a fatal one. Invitations had been sent to a number of relatives and friends bidding them to the wedding of Mr. Sackett's daughter Susie to Mr. Frederick Baker Norris. When Bessie grew worse the question of postponing the wedding was considered, but the family physician advised that it had better take place, saying that he thought the little girl would linger for some time yet. Early yesterday morning a serious change for the worse was noticed in Bessie and the doctor was hastily summonded. He saw then that the end was near and notified the family. When death came it was decided to have the wedding take place, as many guests had been invited from a distance, but to dispense with a reception. Many of the guests, as soon as they reached the house and heard the sad intelligence, went away. The wedding took place at 8 o'clock, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Robert J. Kent, of the Lewis Avenue Congregational Church. About sixty guests were present and condolence accompanied congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Norris, immediately after the ceremony, left on a brief visit to friends. Their wedding trip will be deferred until after the little girl's funeral. Services will be held to-morrow evening at her parents' residence and the interment will take place Saturday morning in Woodlawn Cemetery."
    [6056 Bessie Hedges Sackett & 6051 Susan Dorsch Sackett daus George Washington Sackett & Josephine Dorsch]
    [See also Pittsburg Dispatch] [Researched by Kari Roehl]
  • The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 3 Nov 1941.
    "B. E. Sackett, FBI Chief Here, Resigns
    B. Edwin Sackett, special agent in charge of the New York Division of the FBI, today announced his resignation, effective Nov. 13.
    Sackett said he had "yielded to the importunities of my family to enter civilian life." He added he was ready to answer any "call" the Government may make in the present emergency. He has served in the FBI for 13 years."
    [Ted Smith, Nov 2015]