Alamosa, Costilla County, Colorado

Newspaper Abstracts

  • The Alamosa Journal, Alamosa, Costilla County, Colorado, October 7, 1915, p. 7
    "Chickens Confess Their Guilt
    Stevens Point, Wis.,— F. M. Sachett [sic] and H. K. West are neighbors. Sackett made a garden and West's hens— well, anyhow West was unable to believe that his hens, which are well bred, would go foraging where they were not invited. So Sackett scattered about his garden grains of corn, to each of which was attached a thread and from each thread a small placard. They bore such legends as these: "My owner does not feed me enough and I have to visit the neighbors."  When West saw these cards dangling from the bills of his hens he admitted Sackett's proof was convincing."
    [Fred Merrill Sackett (1871–1958) s. Harvey Chafy & Sophia (Post) Sackett]

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