Newspaper Abstracts, Ohio

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  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, April 18 1845
    "List of Letters: … SACKETT, Jonathan; …"
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, November 11 1845, repeated November 18 1845
    "List of Delinquent Lands in Putnam County for Tax Year 1845 ... Blanchard tp - ... SACKETT, William; ... Ottawa tp - ... SACKETT, William; ..."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, December 23 1845
    "Our New Judges—The General Assembly have just concluded an election for sundry Associate Judges and Militia Generals … among others, two association judges for our counties in place of Judges McCRACKEN and COX. The vote stood Jonathan Y. SACKETT—59; George SKINNER—59; Isaac McCRACKE—31; Samuel RAMSAY—31. The above is part of a private letter from Columbus. The Ohio Statesman has the name of Samuel ROCKHILL in place of Samuel RAMSAY as voted for by the Democrats. Both Gentlemen are good citizens and would have done credit to the bench … . So Jonathan Y. SACKETT after having again and again tried to get in office from the people is at last foisted upon the bench… (claims COX resigned two years early to ensure SACKETT was elected)."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, December 30 1845
    "Democratic Convention—29 Dec 1845 Vail's Hotel, Kalida. … Delegates to State Convention: … Ottawa tp: … S. SACKETT, …"
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, June 11 1846, repeated June 18 1846
    "Putnam Volunteers:—The Northwest is moving at the call of the country. Capt. Francis S. GODFREY. Among those enrolled: Lieut. Israel HUBER, our late Senator J. W. WATTERS; Judge J. Y. SACKETT, …"
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, July 23 1846
    "Article re Whits at Section Ten. Things about the stand J. W. SACKETT, Esq. was president of the day... (derogatory in nature)."
    [Abstract does not make much sense. Perhaps refers to "Whigs" rather than "Whits". Previous article was about Whig Convention.]
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, October 29 1846
    "Administration Notice—Jonathan Y. SACKETT and Margaret RIDENOUR, aptd adm'rs of estate of Henry RIDENOUR, late of Putnam co, dec'd. Oct 26, 1846."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, August 7 1849
    "Trial of Arthur BUSICK—Charged on indictment as Accessory to George BUSICK in the murder of Samuel HAMILTON. List of Jurors etc: Hon. Judge WAY, President judge; Hons. J. Y. SACKETT, George SKINNER, J. W. WATTERS, associate judges; Prosecution JAMES MACKENZIE, assisted by John M. PALMER; Defence -Benjamin METCALF, assisted by J. M. COFFINBERRY, Alonzo MONROE. Panel of 36 jurors: …"
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, February 1 1850
    "Notice—Petition for alteration in county road south side of Blanchard Sec 27, mentions Williamstown and Ottowa State Road. Wm. SACKETT. HARMAN's saw mill; Chas. GEISSINGER, Thomas HARMAN, Charles GEISSINGER. Jan 8, 1850."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Kalida Venture, Putnam County, Ohio, February 15 1850
    "Putnam County Officers: President Judge George B. WAY; Assoc. Judges Johnathan Y. SACKETT, George SKINNER, John W. WATTERS: Clerk, Moses LEE; Prosecuting Attorney, James MACKENZIE; Auditor William M. BELL, Treasurer Otho W. CRAWFIS; Sheriff Robert DOUGLASS; Recorder Jabez S. SPENCER; County Commissioners Henry Joseph BOEHMER, Samuel PERKEY, William KILPATRICK; Surveyor Henry BLOSSER."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • The Daily Cleveland Herald, Cleveland, Ohio, Wednesday, December 23, 1857; Issue 303; col. D
    "Card Writing and Penmanship. JOHN W. LOWEY, the Yankee Card Writer, is in town and would be happy to see his friends at the Weddell House. Call and examine his specimens." [See Orsemus Sackett]
    [Researched by Kari Roehl]
  • Western Reserve Chronicle, Warren, Ohio, 13 Mar 1861
    "New Firm.
    Mr. Jules Vautrot has associated with himself in the watch and jewelry business, T. Ackley, and M.W. Sackett, under the style of J. Vautrot & Co. Mr. Vautrot has been in business here for a length of time and has established his reputation as a prompt business man. Messrs. Ackley and Sackett are young, energetic, accommodating and reliable, and will give satisfaction to their customers."
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Chris Sackett]
  • Western Reserve Chronicle, Warren, Ohio, 29 Apr 1863
    Notice is hereby given, that the Copartnership heretofore existing between the undersigned under the name and style of J. Vautrot is hereby dissolved by mutual consent.—All accounts of the late firm will be settled by the new firm of J. Vautrot & Co."
    Jules Vautrot, Myron W. Sackett, Thaddeus Ackley."
    The undersigned have formed a Co-partnership under the style of J Vautrot & Co. in the Jewelry Trade. The business will be carried on at the old stand of J. Vautrot & Co.
    Jules Vautrot, Thaddeus Ackley.
    Warren, April 15."
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Chris Sackett]
  • Akron Daily Democrat (Akron, Ohio), March 1, 1900, p. 6, cols 5 & 6
    "Members of the Celsus Club enjoyed annual Banquet at Empire Hotel Silver Anniversary of its organization … the present officers of the club are: … Dr. W.A. Sackett, secretary…"
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • Akron Daily Democrat (Akron, Ohio), August 30, 1900, p. 1, col. 4
    "Reunion of Treat Family at Silver Lake
    Descendants of Samuel Treat, of Milford, Conn., to the number of forty, met at Silver Lake, Wednesday, and formed an organization to be known as "The Samuel Treat Family."
    Mr. George Sackett, of Cuyahoga Falls, was elected president for the coming year…
    Among those present at the reunion were: Mr. and Mrs. George Sackett…"
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • Prospect Monitor, Prospect, Marion County, Ohio, March 14 1902
    Miss Allice Sackett of west Berlin is the guest of Ada Robinson at present."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Prospect Monitor, Prospect, Marion County, Ohio, May 23 1902
    "Death of Hon. G. L. Sackett.
    Hon. George L. Sackett died at his residence in Berlin township, Delaware county Saturday morning, at about eleven o'clock of organic disease of the heart.
    Mr. Sackett, who was about sixty years of age, was born in Delaware county. He was a most prominent and esteemed citizen, and represented Delaware county in the Ohio House of Representative for two terms, and also served as county sheriff for two terms."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Prospect Monitor, Prospect, Marion County, Ohio, May 31 1902
    "George L. Sacket Ex Sheriff and representative of Delaware county who was buried last week was a Comrade in the same regiment with J. A. F. Cellars and Elijah Idleman the seventy sixth regiment O. V. I."
    [Transcribed from Newspaper Abstracts by Chris Sackett]
  • Akron Daily Democrat (Akron, Ohio), November 10, 1902, p. 2, col. 1
    "Able Man [obituary for Dr. Willis Sperry] [continued from first page]
    … Dr. Sperry found a congenial companion in a second matrimonial alliance in Mabel Fenn Sackett, the widow of Deacon Hiram Sackett."
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • The Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio), June 13, 1913, p. 6, col. 4
    "Presbyterian Church Choir of Forty Long Years Ago
    … the following named families were prominent as the singers: … Sacketts … Mrs. Helen Sackett Ford presided as organist for many years …"
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • The Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio), May 1, 1914, p. 3, col.
    "Miss Sackett, superintendent of suffrage and legislative work in the Ohio W.C.T.U. [Women's Christian Temperance Union?] will speak in college chapel next Sunday evening, when the union meeting of village churches will be held. Miss Sackett is one of the leading women of the state in reform work and is a clear, earnest speaker. All who can should hear her."
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • The Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio), April 2, 1915, p. 7
    ""Old-Time Mahoning Academy" Education Institution Presided Over by Prof. David Hine Made Canfield Famous…"
    [discusses historic catalog]
    First annual catalogue of the Mahoning Academy, for the academic year ending September 1857, Canfield, Ohio…
    Miron W. Sackett, Canfield
    Simmons Sackett, Canfield
    Clark Sackett, Tallmadge
    Huldah Sackett, Canfield
    Flora Sackett, Warren
    Jane Sackett, Canfield
    Achsah Sackett, Canfield
    Ellen Sackett, Canfield
    Deacon Clark Sackett, Tallmadge"
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • The Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio), August 13, 1915, p. 6, col. 4
    "Dean Family Reunion
    On Wednesday, Aug. 4, occurred the annual Dean family reunion at the fine, hospitable farm home of Ward Dean of Rosemont. The gathering consisted of descendents of William Dean and their husbands and wives to the number of 58. William Dean settled in Canfield in 1810…
    Five groups were represented as follows:
    Orpha Dean Sackett group: Miss Lottie Sackett….
    Orpha Dean group…. The oldest living descendent of William Dean is Miss Lottie Sackett of Warren who has passed the eighty-fifth milestone….
    Letters were read from Myron W. Sackett, esq. of Meadville, Pa.,…
    Four marriages have been reported during the year: Mr. Edgar Sackett of Meadville, Pa., and Miss Minerva Sackett Todd of Beatrice, Neb., of the Orpha Dean Sackett group.
    …a letter received in Warren on reunion day brought the news of a more recent arrival, Elizabeth Loeber, daughter of Charlotte Minerva Sackett and Herman Myer Loeber, born at Beatrice, Neb., July 31 … Miss Elizabeth belongs to the Orpha Dean Sackett group."
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • Mahoning Dispatch, Mahoning County, Ohio, Fri, 14 Jan 1916
    "Home Happenings—Mr. E. P. Tanner received a telegram Wednesday morning advising him of the death of his half brother, Myron W. Sackett, in Meadville, Pa. No particulars were given as to the cause of death. Deceased was born and reared in Canfield Township and was about 72 years of age. He had resided in Meadville for many years and was grand recorder of the AOUW. He is survived by his wife, two sons and three daughters."
    [Transcript, Find A Grave]
  • The Mahoning Dispatch (Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio), August 18, 1916, p. 3, col. 2
    "Dean Family Reunion
    … There are now living 178 descendents of William Dean who came to Canfield in 1810. Three deaths occurred during the past year: Clark Sackett died in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, on December 28, 1915; Myron Ward Sackett in Meadville, Pa., on January 12, 1916 …
    of these Myron Sackett was the only one of Dean blood."
    [Transcribed from Library of Congress image by Patty Chrisman]
  • The Jefferson Gazette, Ohio, 27 Feb 1923
    Frederick Gleason Sackett
    Frederick Gleason Sackett was born in Windsor, Ashtabula County, O., on Aug. 4, 1847. Died Feb. 12, 1923 at his home, 332 North Raymond, Ave., Pasadena, California. He was the second son and fifth child of Chancey and Sarah Sackett.
    It is needless to say to those who knew the parents of Mr. Sackett, that they were among the most earnest and staunch christians of their time and place. All of their seven children had the great advantage of the influence of a home where vital christianity was the most prominent characteristic.
    In the fall of 1867 F. G. Sackett went to California by the Panama route. Landing in San Francisco he employed his time in various occupations, more prominent was his connection with a lumber firm of San Francisco, spending some years in the upper region of Humboldt Bay, cutting and shipping Red Wood lumber down the coast, to that city. After that he was employed for about two years by one of the daily papers [The San Francisco Chronicle] as traveling agent and correspondent. In that capacity he visited nearly every part of that great state. Being a great lover of nature and possessed of fine descriptive powers his letters were of wonderful interest. Not many years ago Mr. Sackett told the writer this was some of the most enjoyable work of his life.
    In the fall or winter of 1875 Mr. Sackett left that work for the purpose of returning east to visit his widowed mother, sisters, brothers and other relatives, and many friends and also to attend the much talked of Centennial Exposition to be held in 1876 in Philadelphia.
    In the summer of 1876 while on a visit to his brother, O. M. Sackett, who is a minister of the Gospel, and whose work was in Clarion Co., Pa., he was induced to go into the Office of the Oil Producing Company of M. E. Hess & Co., engaging for one month, fully intending to go back to his work in California in a short time. But this little trifling engagement for a month was a matter that changed the course of his whole life, for he not only remained in that office, but in due time he married the oldest daughter of Mr. Hess, who has in all these years proved to be a rich treasure indeed, so kind and faithful a helpmate indeed proving herself worthy the name, a noble self sacrificing wife and mother. Mr. Sackett soon after became a partner in the firm and was in the oil producing business for 35 years or more. His last oil operations being in the field of Illinois. About 12 years ago he closed out all his interest in the oil business and with his family moved to California, locating the city of Pasadena.
    The strictest integrity in business as in every thing else was the ruling characteristic of Mr. Sackett's life. It would be better for the world if men of his stamp could be multiplied more and more. I know that the big hearted generosity and trusting nature often made him the loser in his dealings with some men.
    In the year 1891 Mr. Sackett was converted and from that on he was an earnest christian. That event gave him a new view of life, as it will any other man. He loved his church and its various activities and gave it of his time and talent and means unsparingly. He lived and died in the assurance of meeting his Blessed Savior and the many loved ones and dwelling with them forever in the mansions above. He leaves to mourn their loss, his faithful wife, one daughter, two sons, who were all with him in his long sickness of more than a year and a half, caring for him as only a loving faithful wife and children can, and an only sister, Mrs. Emma L. Knapp, of Windsor, widow of the lamented Henry J. Knapp, she being the only remaining member of the family."
    [Submitted to RootsWeb by Teddy & Carol]
  • Cleveland Press, Ohio, 20 Apr 1954
    "Sackett, James A., beloved husband of the late Grace J. (nee Mueller), dear father of Grace L. and J. Warren, grandfather of J. Michael and Thomas W., brother of Mary Corlew of Orla Vista, Fla., suddenly, Saturday p. m., late residence, 1950 Wooster Rd., (formerly of 4206 Spokane Ave). Family will receive friends at the Wischmeier Funeral Home, 2709 Archwood Ave., From 7-10 P. M., Monday, From 2-5 and 7-10 P. M. Tuesday. Services Wednesday, Apr. 21, at 1:30 p. m. Interment Sunset Memorial Park."
    [Transcript, Find A Grave]
  • Medina County Gazette (Medina, Ohio), 9 Aug 1967, page 3
    "Area Deaths
    Dr. Myron Sackett of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who died Monday is survived by his wife, Mae (nee Sheerlein); sisters, Mrs. Ethel Hosebach and Mrs. Edna Palmer of Erie and Mrs. Alda Davison of Conneaut and brothers, Arley of Kinsman, Levi of Michigan and Emery of Levittsburg.
    Dr. Sackett's brothers and sisters were erroneously listed as surviving children in the Tuesday issue of The Gazette."
    [Transcribed from image by Ted Smith]

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