Burials by parish, Kent, Minster in Thanet

Number of records: 12.

"10 April 1557 Thomas Sacket."
Assigned to Thomas Sackett (parents not known.)1

"12 April 1558 Isabella Sacket."
Not identified.1

"18 April 1591 Fides wife of Robert Sacket."
Assigned to Faith Norwood, wife of Robert Sackett.1

"2 November 1597 Margarita wife of Robert Sacket."
Assigned to Margarita (___) Hart, wife of Robert Sackett.1

"24 November 1657 Robert Sackett servant to Tho Jenkin."
Not identified.1

"7 September 1672 Sarah wife of Thomas Sackett."
Assigned to Sarah (___) Fuller, wife of Thomas Sackett.1

"11 November 1689 Thomas Sackett a householder [?horsekeeper] & Jane his wife."
Assigned to Thomas Sackett, son of Thomas Sackett and Mary Coleman.1
Assigned to Jane Spratt, wife of Thomas Sackett.1

"3 February 1700/01 Widow Sackett of Ramsgate."
Not identified.1

"16 January 1780 Mary Sackett infant."
Assigned to Mary Sackett, daughter of Thomas Sackett and Sarah (___) Bonden.1

 Notes & Citations

  1. Burials Register, Minster in Thanet, Kent (Transcript U3/143/1/1 - Debretts).
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