Burials by parish, Kent, Margate, Zion Chapel

Number of records: 11.

"31 March 1859 Emma Hannah Sackett, 17 years."
Assigned to Emma Hanna Sackett, daughter of Thomas Sackett and Martha Setterfield.1

"7 August 1860 Thomas Sackett, 70 yrs, dropsy."
Assigned to Thomas Sackett, son of John Sackett and Mary Hughes.1

"6 September 1861 Martha Sackett, 68 years."
Assigned to Martha Setterfield, widow of Thomas Sackett.1

"28 May 1867 Rebecca Sackett, 84 years."
Assigned to Rebecca Sackett, daughter of Thomas Sackett and Sarah (___) Bonden.1

"15 August 1879 Richard Henry Sackett, 71 years."
Assigned to Richard Henry Sackett, son of Henry Sackett and Elizabeth Sackett.1

"7 December 1886 Elizabeth Sackett, 65 years."
Assigned to Elizabeth Sackett, daughter of John Sackett and Sarah Tucker.1

 Notes & Citations

  1. Burials Register, Zion Chapel, Margate, Kent.
Last Edited23 April 2007