Burials by parish, Kent, Ash next Sandwich

Number of records: 10.

"30 December 1630 Edward Sacket son of William."
Assigned to Edward Sackett, son of William Sackett and Joan Parker.1

"18 March 1636 Joane Sackett wife of William."
Assigned to Joan Parker, wife of William Sackett.1

"12 March 1639/40 William Sackett housekeeper."
Assigned to William Sackett, son of Robert Sackett and Faith Norwood.1

"17 December 1666 Edward Sackett a young man."
Assigned to Edward Sackett (parents not known.)1

"20 December 1666 Robert Sackett a younger brother."
Assigned to Robert Sackett (parents not known.)1

"11 October 1807 Robert Sackett, age 2."
Assigned to Robert Sackett, son of Thomas Sackett and Susannah Solley.1

"20 December 1840 Thomas Sackett, age 70, of Ash."
Assigned to Thomas Sackett, son of Thomas Sackett and Elizabeth Fox.1

"4 June 1863 Susannah Sackett, age 85, Eastry Union."
Assigned to Susannah Solley, widow of Thomas Sackett.1

 Notes & Citations

  1. Burials Register, Ash next Sandwich, Kent (Bishops' Transcripts 1569-1813 & Parish Register 1813-1906).
Last Edited13 March 2010