Rev John Buel Sackett

FatherJohn Sackett MD (1785-1827)
Mother___ ___
Rev John Buel Sackett
Baptist minister of Kingsville, Ohio
(Src: Eva Adams)
Rev John Buel Sackett, Baptist minister of Kingsville, Ohio, son of John Sackett MD and ___ ___, was born in Fabias, Cattaraugus County, New York StateG, in 1812.1,2 He died aged about 58 in 1870.3 He married Amanda Bardeen.3

Children of Rev John Buel Sackett and Amanda Bardeen

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 Notes & Citations

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  2. John Buel Sackett is recorded in The Sacketts of America as the son of John Sackett MD and Loraine ___. However, John and Loraine were married in 1818 and John Buel was born in 1812. It is concluded that John Buel would have been the son of an earlier marriage.
  3. Charles Weygant, The Sacketts of America, "3075. John Buel Sackett, b. in 1812, d. in 1870; m. Amanda Bardun."
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