George & Arabella Sackett

94 George Sackett
Sackett Family Association membership
George & Arabella Sackett
Member # 94
Joined 14 October 2004
Mailing list subscriber: Yes
(Arabella) Member 2007–8.
Non-committee posts
(Arabella) Reunion Coordinator 2008.
Thanet 2008.
Sackett ancestry
John Sackett of New Haven (1620s–1684) and Agnes Tinkham
Lieutenant Joseph Sackett (1660–1729) and Sarah Dennison
Joseph Sackett (1712–) and ___ ___
Joseph Sackett (bef1755–) and Comfort ___
Abraham Sackett (bet1770/1780–bet1840/1842) and Lucy P ___
Augustus Russell Sackett (1810–) and Mary Haw
George Edward Sackett (1843–1921) and Martha Anne Cochrane
William George Sackett (1869–) and Mary Jane Eliza McLean
Gordon Russell Sackett (1895–1990) and Elsie Ellen Pocock
William Russell Sackett (1916–1988)
Sackett DNA project
George & Arabella Sackett has participated in the Sackett DNA project. His test results match those of other Sackett descendants in the New Haven group (see New Haven line overlay charts.)
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