Lester L Sackett

Lester Sackett
Sackett Family Association membership
Lester L Sackett
Cambridge, MassachusettsG.
Member # 36 (founding)
Joined 28 September 2003
Mailing list subscriber: Yes
Lester's sister Dr Mary Lou Sackett-Penn was a Sackett Family Association member. His niece Marlene Fitch is also a member.
Boston 2006; Fort Wayne 2007.
Sackett ancestry
John Sackett of New Haven, colonist (1620s–1684) and Agnes Tinkham
Lieutenant Joseph Sackett (1660–1729) and Sarah Dennison
Joseph Sackett (1712–) and ___ ___
Joseph Sackett (bef1755–) and Comfort ___
Joseph Sackett (bet1768/1770–) and ___ ___
Hiram Sackett (c1794–) and Anna Jones
↓          (Line 2) Amos Sackett (c1800–) (brother of Hiram c1794) and Lucinda Knickerbocker
Lois Louise Sackett (1832–) and (Line 2) Mathew Dunham Sackett (1829–1896)
Charles L Sackett (1856–1939) and Sarah Lurana Striker
Hugh LaFayette Sackett (1890–1940) and Lillian Ida Augusta Heldt
Lester Walter "Red" Sackett (1914–1980) and Helen Beeken Miller
Lester is a double Sackett descendant following the marriage in his line of first cousins Mathew Dunham Sackett and Lois Louise Sackett.
Sackett DNA project
Lester L Sackett has participated in the Sackett DNA project. His test results match those of other Sackett descendants in the New Haven group (see New Haven line overlay charts.)
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