Joan Leary

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Joan Leary
Havering, Essex, EnglandG.
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Joan descends from both of the main English Sackett lines. It has not yet proved possible to determine a relationship between these two lines.
Sackett ancestry
William Sackett (c1520–1572) and Johan ___
Thomas Sackett the elder ↓          (Line 2) (c1530–1595), labourer of St Peter in Thanet, Kent, and Joane ___
John Sackett (1564–1624) and Ann/Agnes Sampson
↓          (Line 2) George Sackett (c1565–1612) and Katherine Tompson
↓          (Line 2) John Sackett (1594–aft.1642), of Buddles, and Mary ___
Rev Steven Sackett MA (1605–1678) and Alice Frisby
↓          (Line 2) Thomas Sackett (1642–1680), husbandman of Birchington, and Anne Brown
Patience Sackett (1645–) and Rev Nicholas White
↓          (Line 2) Thomas Sackett (1676–1760), husbandman of Birchington, and Elizabeth Nuby
Damaris White (1683–) and Robert Covell
↓          (Line 2) Thomas Sackett (1709–1764) and Jane Austin
Mary Covell (c1717–) and George Goodbourn
↓          (Line 2) Mary Sackett (1737–) and William Hughes
George Goodbourn (1747–) and Elizabeth Jeffreys
↓          (Line 2) Jane Hughes (1765–) and Daniel Clark
Hezekiah Goodbourn (1787–) and Elizabeth Chapman
↓          (Line 2) James Pettit Clark (1801–) and Harriet Emptage
William Goodbourn (1815–) and Mary Ann Hawkins
William Goodbourn (1844–) and (Line 2) Frances Susanna Clark (1841–)
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