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Sackett ancestry
Thomas Sackett the elder (say 1530–1595), labourer of St Peter in Thanet, Kent, and Joane ___
Thomas Sackett the younger (c1557–1615), yeoman of Birchington, Kent, and Martha Strowde
Simon Sackett the colonist (1595–1635), of Thanet, Kent, & Newtown (Cambridge), Massachusetts, and Isabel Pearce
John Sackett (1632–1719), farmer of Westfield, Massachusetts, and Abigail Hannum
John Sacket (1660–1745), farmer of Westfield, and Deborah Filley
Daniel Sacket (1693–1776), of Westfield, and Mary Weller
Lieutenant Abner Sacket (1751–1808), of Westfield, and Rhoda Kellogg
Dolly Sacket 1777-1842 and Jesse Viets
Eunice Viets 1818-1884 and John Watson
Eugene Watson 1855-1906 and Anna Eliza Breeden
Erma May Watson 1893-1984 and William Lafayette Burkett
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