Gina Bundy

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Gina Bundy
Portland, OregonG.
Member # 167
Joined 3 April 2007
Mailing list subscriber: Yes
Member 2007–8.
Sackett ancestry
John Sackett of New Haven, colonist (1620s–1684) and Agnes Tinkham
Lieutenant Joseph Sackett (1660–1729) and Sarah Dennison
Joseph Sackett (1712–) and ___ ___
Samuel Sackett (1747–1816) and Thankful Wood
Joel Sackett (say1774–1836) and Betsey Husted
John Sackett (1808–1895) and Elizabeth Jane Brown
Clinton W Sackett (1888–1972) and Grace L Hennessy
William E Sackett (1849–) and Ida Bennett
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