268. John Sackett.

268. John Sackett, M. D., of Dover, Dutchess County, N. Y., and Stephentown in the present County of Rensselaer, both in the state of New York, son of (75) Capt. Richard and Margery Sleade Sackett, is frequently mentioned in early records of Dutchess County in connection with sales of real estate. In a deed given by him to one Moses Harris for 3,497 acres of land that had been a part of his father's estate, he is referred to as "John Sackett of Dover, sole executor and youngest son of Capt. Richard Sackett." In Hunting's "History of Little Nine Partners," a facsimile of his signature is shown. After about 1760 he resided at Stephentown.


715. Ezekiel Sackett, m. Mary Atherton, Nov. 13, 1759.
716. Benjamin Sackett, b. in 1752, d. in 1826; m. Phebe Davis.
717. Richard Sackett, b. June 1751, d. Sept. 1778; m. Chloe Atherton.
718. Margery Sackett, m. Josiah Beardsley, Jan. 6, 1763.
719. John Sackett, b. Aug. 18, 1747; m. Prudence Atherton.
720. Elizabeth Sackett, b. Nov. 22, 1742, d. June 6, 1808; m. Gen. Caleb Hyde.
721. Mary Sackett, m. Alexander Mackey, Sept. 2, 1760.
722. Catherine Sackett.
723. Lois Sackett, b. Mar. 1749, d. Jan 20. 1770; m. Nathaniel Williams.
724, ___ Sackett; m. ___ Wadsworth.

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