16. Abigail Sacket, b. in year 1683; d. Sept. 1721; m. David King.

16. Abigail Sacket, 2nd, 1683–, youngest child of (4) John and Abigail Hannum Sacket, was married, about the year 1701, to David King, 1677–1730, of Westfield, Mass. A short time after the date of their marriage they removed to a "new plantation," in what became the town of Sheffield, Mass.
Capt. John King, 1629–1703, colonist, the father of above mentioned David King, came to New England in 1645, and lived at Hartford for about five years, when he removed to Northampton. There on Nov. 18, 1656, he was married to Sarah Holton. Theirs is the first marriage recorded and it is believed to have been the first solemnized at Northampton. John King was for several years captain of the Northampton military company, and in 1679, was representative.
Hon. William Holton, colonist, father of Sarah Holton King, was born in England in 1634. He came from Ipswich to New England in the ship Francis, and was one of the early proprietors of Hartford, Conn. In 1655, he removed to Northampton, Mass., and was one of the first deacons of the church there. In 1666, 1667, 1669, 1670 and 1671 he was a Representative, serving one year for the neighboring town of Hadley.

Children of David and Abigail Sacket King.

61. David King, b. in 1702.
62. Thankful King, b. in 1701, d. in year 17--; m. (37) Benjamin Sacket.
63. Moses King, b. in year 1706.
64. Stephen King, b. in year 1708.
65. Benjamin King, v. in year 1710.
66. Aaron King, b. in year 1714.
67. Asafel King, b. in year 1718, d. in year 1719.
68. Eldad King, b. in year 1718.
69. Gideon King, b. in year 1722.

[Note: Weygant records Abigail's date of death as Sep 1721 but then shows a birth in 1722 of son Gideon.]

—Weygant, The Sacketts of America